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"Are your from Russia? Because your English is god awful."

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Free mature paysite no credit card
Free mature paysite no credit card
Free mature paysite no credit card
Free mature paysite no credit card

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Keshakar 9 months ago
Unless they sell their grief for political purposes
Brarisar 9 months ago
It gives a timeline of genealogy
Tygotilar 9 months ago
I'm sure the Rolling Stones weren't speaking for everyone, but the popularity of that song might indicate they struck a chord (so to speak).
Mosar 9 months ago
Everyone is going to be fine.
Kajilkree 9 months ago
Whatever. Gotten better as people ? That work better for yah ?
Fenrim 9 months ago
Neither do I LOL.
Goltikree 9 months ago
Do we? For decades is seemed like we didn't. So we see ourselves in this mess now. A mess that is not going to be fixed 144 people at a time.
Gardalkree 9 months ago
wow they are willing to not know their grandchildren over it
Fenrikree 8 months ago
Does an ant or worm really care how the physical universe was created?
Kagaran 8 months ago
It's possible, but as you said, none of us know if it happens when facing death, unless they survive, of course. :)
Faugis 8 months ago
Which has nothing to do with your version of a god.
Mezijora 8 months ago
Well OK, as a matter of fact science does not understand "life", or its origin, or what form it could potentially take within the laws of nature. Its an enigma. We do know that we do not observe life outside of physical material, and physical material is made out of atoms. Doesn't that point toward my suggestion that atoms are themselves alive in some rudimentary way (they have their own energy, and specialized behavior patterns), thereby when nature arranges them in certain more complex forms, collectively, they can display signs of higher life? Generally, the more complex the atomic machine (read: "physical body"), the higher the consciousness or something. And the energy for all the physical transactions that make life possible, the literal energy of life, that is coming from atoms. How could it be that atoms are not alive?
Shaktirr 8 months ago
It's nothin' for me to whup a man's ass!
Yolabar 7 months ago
You tell me...
Akinot 7 months ago
for all you bible thumpers out there. why did god make every male penis flawed?
Misar 7 months ago
I do not propose we use the federal government to take away the right to discriminate. The left does.
Tocage 7 months ago
Yeah, that's a load of shit so deep I could lose a Ford F150 in it.

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