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Black sugary pussys
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"Two black man sitting in Starbucks. If the left can't speak the truth. How do they think they're going to get sane people to buy the manure they're selling?"

I needed something to cover my arm to keep the cast dry, but we were at a loss. " Shweta was taken aback.

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Black sugary pussys

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Tuzuru 11 months ago
No. My argument is that if Jesus is not everything that Christianity says he was then there is no reason to be aware of him from a historic perspective than there is to be aware of the guy named Jesus who does my lawn.
Bamuro 11 months ago
"These are all normally 'good' people."
Akimuro 11 months ago
But the Bible never goes into detail what sex is.
Shakalabar 10 months ago
As I've told my friend who is very Anti Abortion that I'm thankful that we live in a time where an abortion can be done in a safe manner. I've seen children in foster care, both private and state facilities and I think having an unwanted and unloved child is an act of cruelty.
Zujora 10 months ago
And by the way, if you believe Christian expansion is given preference by Chinese authorities over Islamic expension, ask yourself why.
Zululkis 10 months ago
The head mod, TUS, is liberal. So your bashing of moderation here is ridiculous. Furthermore, I would wager "conservatives are so pathetic" wasn't just banned because of his name.
Zulura 10 months ago
I can't imagine why.
Yosida 10 months ago
Of course man is a dichotomy, we are born selfish.ithink we basically
Kigajar 10 months ago
The author is imagining how existence, as we know it, came about... with a poetic twist (waxing poetic).
Sajinn 9 months ago
Might be a Republican.
Zolole 9 months ago
OMG pageboy how dad wanted it long, I hated it LOL
Samurr 9 months ago
Prolly something he was briefed on so he could troll Trudeau.
Vujar 9 months ago
Liberal = communist in the same way that capitalist = fascist
Meztinris 9 months ago
Only when it applies to filthy ethnics.
Visho 8 months ago
Oh, well perhaps a different approach will be of use in that case.
Yojora 8 months ago
Happy birthday, Tex!
Mikarg 8 months ago
so, you feel an atheists opinion on a matter reflects all of atheism?
Vudolar 8 months ago
I think cats can have heartworms?
Tygorg 8 months ago
Congratulations! 60 years being married is quite something! Impressive effort !
Dolmaran 7 months ago
Look at the medical and Insurance system Kenny.
Disho 7 months ago
"standard Christian Theological point of view from the modern age." If the was true and there was a standard point of view there would be agreement instead of over 40K denominations, there agreement on the bible (how many books make it up), there would be agreement on faith vs works, who was Jesus . . . I will add your opinion to the others in my stack.
Gagal 7 months ago
Your Texas sharpshooter comment was crass, as a moderator, acutely so.
JoJocage 7 months ago
Seen by Marco Polo on his voyage back from China, and mentioned in the bible.
Shataur 6 months ago
False. Get educated. Secular Humanism and evolutionism are subsets of the religion of atheism.
Bralabar 6 months ago
Kagakazahn 6 months ago
Glad you finally brought it to CA. Is that it. Is that all you?ve got. My profiles open bring it
Sarg 6 months ago
Yep. Man is the problem. But God has the solution to that. So as Grown Man is appearing who put God first so the problem is diminishing.
Jujinn 5 months ago
They all have a flood story. It was passed down wo mouth. Campfire. Its changed a bit, but the Jews have the original. Even native Americans have one..eerily similar. The Chinese too.
Zolozilkree 5 months ago
I make more than those union members. BTW you want a woman? Got some nice ones for you.
Kazijora 5 months ago
Thank you for acknowledging your irrelevancy
Malami 5 months ago
Again, what I have posted is peer-reviewed, which you have rejected. This tells me that your request for peer-review is a facade to justify rejecting any research that doesn't support your agenda.
Black sugary pussys

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