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Facial flap surgery

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"Witnesses by definition speak the Truth. But I give you the opportunity to see for yourself."

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Facial flap surgery

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Akijin 2 months ago
What does Colossians 3:18 say? Please give us the exact verse.
Brazil 2 months ago
Your applying your own context.
Zulkiktilar 1 month ago
Pascal's wager, eh?
Tull 1 month ago
Then why do atheist usually criticize a christian for forward-looking?
Tak 1 month ago
yep. I wanted to use the scenario in the news but I purposely used lifestyle choice instead of LGBTQ. If someone doesn't have to treat same-sex couples exactly the same as different-sex couples when it clearly isn't as simple as a lifestyle choice, what's to stop them from saying they heard you're swingers and their religion disagrees with that actual lifestyle choice so they can't bake your cake?
Dicage 1 month ago
How did you destroy my argument? You can't admit that you would be afraid to walk around as mentioned above?
Mugor 1 month ago
The Democrat Party makes blanket statements abut groups and races, I try to avoid that. I only asked because you had given specific examples.
Muhn 3 weeks ago
I did. If those things aren't illegal people are free to do them. If they are they can't. Kissing in public is not illegal. You want to outlaw kissing then do so until then grow a set and just look away.
Zulull 2 weeks ago
Well thanks for making me cry at my damn desk!!!!!!!!!!
Tygoshicage 2 weeks ago
"What do you believe this ban achieved?"
Kajigrel 1 week ago
You don't know if he "hears" from God!
Kagazshura 2 days ago
I have been pretty clear that the idea of God existing is sophomoric. So at least we agree on the surface details.

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