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"Of course not, Sweetie. Just believe whatever you want, regardless of facts. Facts are so overrated anyway, aren't they?"

I didn't want any heat from the top. It had to do with a late developing body and too much competition.



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Extremely young redhead
Extremely young redhead
Extremely young redhead

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Nikozahn 4 months ago
Pervert-filled state dept.
Maudal 3 months ago
Well? Are you tired or just confused?
Goltigor 3 months ago
I am going by what gay men themselves have said to me or in the many books I have read.
Vudomi 3 months ago
I certainly didn't see a valid reason for them to start punching him in the head.. The guy wasn't compliant and you can see that in the video, but the level of violence the officers used seemed entirely inappropriate given the situation.
Faesar 3 months ago
PP. I have asked legions of inculcated Christians and some others to explain how the Sun and the Moon spparently stopped moving in the sky for almost a day. All fail and tiptoe around it.
Arashakar 2 months ago
He?s a dangerous and reprehensible nut job, anyone that supports him is a piece of fvcking shit
Gardarisar 2 months ago
"We know that Europe did not advance much at all for 1000 years of Christianity." You know nothing of the kind if by that you are implying lack of progress in the natural sciences was due to Christianity or that Christianity had nothing to do with the advancement of science. What you know is that at a certain point in history a sufficient amount of knowledge was built up that things began to snow ball just as today, because of our knowledge built on past information (including computing), we are progressing much faster then we were 40, 80, 100 or more years ago. There was actually quite a lot happening before the so called Enlightenment which in fact made that particular period of history possible.
Tut 2 months ago
I think that's the motto of the flat earth society. No amount of you believing the earth is round makes us wrong!
Shaktiktilar 2 months ago
Actually, it's absent in humans, certain monkeys, and majority of hoofed mammals, to name some examples. As for hoofed mammals, one can easily find a wide range of sizes comparable to humans - from a pony to a moose. If that won't be enough - it is also absent for most of water-dwelling mammals too.
Dailkree 2 months ago
Lemme Guess, all of the requested volumes would be along the bottom shelf.
Araran 2 months ago
Inflation, a key feature of the BB model, has all of the mass, energy, and volume of our universe come from a math equation.
Vijind 1 month ago
YOU only ? ?? ??
Tukree 1 month ago
Please dear sin is very destructive to your live, the end of it is Hell fire u cant escape from it
Meztiramar 1 month ago
The language of business and society in America is English... why should I have to speak something else if I want to conduct business in this country?
Sanris 1 month ago
You had your chance, too.
Gatilar 1 month ago
basically,yeah. but who cares about actual facts,Mo? Not our befuddled little friend here, that's for sure.
Meztigis 4 weeks ago
Brilliant reply. You sure showed me.
Akinor 3 weeks ago
Sometimes you have to go back to the orginal statement
Mezigor 2 weeks ago
Careful dear! You don't want one of those things to give you a facial!
Dole 2 weeks ago
Really? No wonder why Christians did not care about slaughtering Pagans huh? But I wonder, how would Christians love to have done unto them as they have done unto others? Why I already know. The snowflakes would meltdown as usual and scream how they are being oh so persecuted.
Dacage 1 week ago
"God's laws" were written by man.
Mezigar 2 days ago
From: Phil Jones <[email protected]>

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