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Forced him to lick me clean

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"That's good to hear. In the meantime, I'll be happy to keep praising the religious education I received"

"Touch it. His eyes are flashing brightly, a deep Forecd filling the room. I was quiet as we ate he kept asking questions like normal but I was rather short with my answers.



Without even realizing I was doing it, I lifted my hips slightly off the bed, drawing her closer. "Started to work out more often, huh?" I asked him.

Focus on hearing my voice and feeling me with your body. Michelle squirmed at the feel of his taking each toe, one at a time, into his mouth and nibbling on them. He opened the Fotced and saw me.

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Forced him to lick me clean
Forced him to lick me clean

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Migul 3 weeks ago
Those nutty baptists with signs "FAGS DIE GOD LAUGHS"
Brabar 2 weeks ago
The problem with the Bible and the faiths that believe in it is that those folks have pushed that crap onto everybody, including the billions who do not believe as they do. Even worse, those beliefs have, demonstrably, harmed humanity in many ways, and continue to do so today. THAT is why most atheists make sure they strive hard to combat that stupidity. If the ignorance spread by religion didn't impact us directly and indirectly, we would just laugh and ignore it.
Dakasa 2 weeks ago
I think hedonism is more descriptive, less prescriptive. if you subscribe to the popular school of thought that morality is contingent on a broad sense of wellbeing, then hedonism is a natural byproduct on the spectrum of wellbeing. of course this model presupposes the truth of evolution, and the forthcoming "tribal psychology"that has lead us to where we are now, for better or worse. that realization, i think, is the source of that innate feeling to provide the greatest chances of wellbeing for future generations. that's my 10,000 foot overview anyway.
Dijin 1 week ago
No, I have watched him very carefully since he started to run. He is definitely
Mazunris 4 days ago
The last question, referring to male mutilation as 'circumcision' and female circumcision as 'mutilation' shows the feeble attempt to try and couch his argument about the health benefits of circumcision to justify religious mutilation of the male genitals by clergy based on religion.
Ketilar 4 days ago
That sounds kinky.....
Mezisar 2 days ago
Tyranny of the majority is not an excuse to 'just go with it.' Sorry. It doens't matter if the majority of people agree with something. What matters is if it's Constitutional and whether or not it infringes on individual rights. If so, to what extent? You're correct; we should absolutely challenge those laws by voting, voicing opinions and every legal avenue available to us as citizens.
Forced him to lick me clean

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