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"I should be fine. Thinking of taking up a real sport in yoga. There is no way in hell the NDP are getting anywhere close imo. Hours from now people will have to seek employment. I know it's a stretch goal for them. Soon business will return and dictate the market as opposed to big sister."

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Superb babe fucked in red stockings

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Najar 11 months ago
I am delighted that my generous contributions to FFRF are being effectively and efficiently spent. I would hope that sooner or later the fleeced will recognize the fact that their shepherds are generally far better off than the those in the flock themselves.
Goltilabar 11 months ago
That's only because you're not oppressed like white men tho!
Zuzahn 11 months ago
If the PCs win Doug will be hard to take out, as a Premier that just won an election.
Molmaran 11 months ago
That was something I was wondering about this setup, actually... Aren't the sins pretty much all based off of excess? Like, to the point where taking away the excess makes them virtues instead?
Vizuru 10 months ago
Somewhere northwest of Nambia[sic]?
Nern 10 months ago
Because I can, Fefe.
Ninris 10 months ago
It appears the OP, along with a great number of others in the US do think disagreeing with SSM is bigoted.
Zulurr 10 months ago
Cite one (1) instance of misogyny in the Bible.
Mezikazahn 10 months ago
Yeah, I agree. That leap does not follow.
Yogal 9 months ago
That's interesting. I have Muslim friends who keep copies of most major religious texts so they can teach comparative studies to their children as is age appropriate. I on the other hand grew up in a Christian family that did not allow even comic books in the house lest they act as a portal for the Devil.
Arashikora 9 months ago
You mean what this Jesus of yours allegedly told him.
Friend mother fucked by me tube

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