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Redhead in harness

Redhead in harness
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"This is certainly true if one looks at the variety pack of churches out there. I may even get a private jet to 'spread the word'"

I could only imagine what he was watching but had a good idea. He looked down at her, The low way she holds herself, and laughed.

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In my case there are endless possibilities.

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Ketaxe 8 months ago
Is it the equivalent of using pictures of babies and fetuses to argue the abortion issue?
Shalkree 8 months ago
Who talks about the age of the Earth? Who started this OP? Look at all the ridiculous comments by all the "smart" atheists.
Nale 7 months ago
Never said it was. Its still discrimination and a legal argument could certainly be made it discriminates against the poor.
Faern 7 months ago
I agree, there could be other reasons. Maybe they don't believe in divorce, having children out of wedlock, interracial marriage, etc.
Faujin 7 months ago
Bee. You bet !
Mojin 7 months ago
Creepy AF guy & totally rude. Some people are so deplorable. Grandma tried to be nice but was not helping at all either. D.amn. It?s a scary world out there.
Zulkishura 6 months ago
Epi, I agree.
Vit 6 months ago
The evidence bears out the book perfectly, the hood of unbelief you wear stops you from seeing it. You force the evidence to conform to your predetermined framework and the bits that don't fit you push into the future for someone else to discover.
Kabei 6 months ago
The ONLY way that crazed old bat will "retire" is in a box!
Vilmaran 6 months ago
Oh I realize you cant fix stupid.
Kigal 6 months ago
"Romantic Love" can really mess with the brain chemistry, although for her to be affected after just one date is unlikely, perhaps less so if the date included sex.
Kiganos 6 months ago
That's sum shyt
Nira 5 months ago
Sorry, Brother-in-Spirit, it's just an opinion...of course it is!
Nitaxe 5 months ago
So trump and sessions enforcing laws written by congress bothers you? Why have laws at all?
Dazragore 5 months ago
ok, I thought the question was in the Op-Ed. I've never posted one here and didn't know let me get on that. Thanks.
Gomuro 5 months ago
You mean the god you cannot prove exists, but yet claim to know everything about.
Ketaxe 5 months ago
Actually there a quite a few.
Zololkis 5 months ago
I just had to print that out and post it on my wall here. Thanks for this! LOL
Yozshushicage 5 months ago
You only have "respect" for human beings? And in that realm who they are is not really important?
Kagalrajas 4 months ago
Once told the MP's my Road Runner was carrying pot so they would hopefully detain us because we didn't want to go out in the field.
Akinolkree 4 months ago
The role of sex in driving genetic variation and generating higher biodiversity has been debated for over a century. Speeding up evolution may increase genetic variation, but surprisingly it can reduce species diversity, according to a study led by Carlos J. Melian from Eawag ? Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, Switzerland.
Grokus 4 months ago
Thank you for your thoughts, Lois. As I stated in the OP, my parents raised us to be colour blind. My first exposure to racism was in the mid '80s while I lived in Texas for a year. I was flabbergast to find out that black and mexican people where paid approximately 25% less than whites for the same work! I couldnt believe it! I actually asked a coworker who was mexican and she laughed at me! I was embarrassed to have been so naive. I began to notice how they pooled together in the cafetria at lunch time and remembered how awkward than same coworker had been when I asked her to sit with us at lunch a few weeks previously. I was about 25 at that time and had grown up in a predominantly white small town in Massachusetts where my best friend was a Puerto Rican. I had never been popular at school and gravitated towards Juanita and another white girl who was overweight and walked with a limp. I saw discrimination, but never racism. I was teased because I was taller than everyone in my class by about 4 inches. I was called "giraffe" by all the boys. They didnt catch up til grade 8! Anyway, thank you for your thoughts, Lois. ???????
Gardami 4 months ago
Hating President Trump is a stupid and losing strategy and the only thing the Donkey Party has and that makes me smile.
Golar 3 months ago
Come visit we love our tourists!
JoJokasa 3 months ago
not really, some of it is actual masochism. Last girlfriend literally told me "use me like a toy" o_O
Febar 3 months ago
Caucasian, of course. Good catch
Vudokus 3 months ago
There is no justice with god, it is all about torture, sadism, .... Live with that if you believe in him.
Ararn 3 months ago
Thank you for the link.
Tek 3 months ago
I don't. And I don't.
Tygolabar 2 months ago
Just a different victim. Same mindset of discrimination being ok for inherent differences. The inherent difference of being born jewish, verus the inherent difference of being born gay.
Dill 2 months ago
I would agree
Tolar 2 months ago
What a clown you are? The workers need to earn a living. Not just work. The business owner needS to hire people who bring skills with them to perform the required task. The worker has invested in his skills and they are worth something to be determined through fair negotiation. The owner could be someone who knows nothing about running a business. He can go to the local bank to borrow money that is on deposit from the public. So now the public's money is being used to start a business to be owned by a know nothing. So he has to hire a manager who has knowledge and experience. He too has to be paid fairly. The owner needs the workers more than they need him. He could lose his business if he hires the wrong people.
Zulule 2 months ago
Worship is for God. Catholics honour and devote themselves to Our Lady, as instructed. This devotion, is called 'hyperdulia', appropriate solely towards the Mother of God. 'Dulia' is accorded as appropriate to the Saints, of whom Our Lady is Mother.
Dusho 2 months ago
I was in a movie with Michael Keaton.
Nijora 2 months ago
Sorry wrong reply...

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