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"I am not even going to bother reading this comment due to the stupidity of your name."

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I'd worry about that later.

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Seto asian teen model Gay

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Taran 11 months ago
I'll try harder when i find out wherr she lives and play our song on a boombox but she doesn't see it as romantic
Golkis 11 months ago
Don't tell people what they are. You're not good at it.
Nikolkis 11 months ago
A very sick reality
Daigor 10 months ago
Never heard of it. What's it about without spoilers?
Tygozahn 10 months ago
The value of AC cannot be dismissed.
Grolkis 10 months ago
Thatbis another flagrant line of blasphemy. It never wa meant that way. Please educate your faith kn greek linguistics. Thats the issue with the catholic church. May be the reason catholics are leaving en masse. Even the pope stated within 10 years more italians will be muslims not catholic. The rev. Speaks of the waters of false religion drying up due to hypocrisy and a real lack of bible knowledge and filthy moral decay from the top down.wake up and smell the paedophilia.
Malkis 10 months ago
The only thing I have ever been able to come with for a reason for people to be extreme anti abortion is fear. They fear what will happen. They fear the "government" taking over their roles as parents, they fear that if they arm their children with knowledge and condoms that it is the same as telling them to go screw whatever moves.
Meztijin 10 months ago
I may have misunderstood your post then.
Moktilar 9 months ago
I'm not sure why you're replying to this particular comment?
Kijinn 9 months ago
Democrats and their double standards. This only pushes more democrats and independents to vote for Trump again.
Fezahn 9 months ago
Lol. Right but not the getting in the ring with two of the biggest and most famous guys of all times. The crazy part is in his mind that all made sense.
Yozshutaur 9 months ago
how we live our lives is the one variable we truely control- very knowing this gives you an innate sort of power
Samukus 9 months ago
And the parallels?
Grodal 8 months ago
I am bound by the terms of my own thread to agree, but outside of this.....
Arashisho 8 months ago
Have as many kids as you want. As long as you live in a free country, like the USA.
Nishura 8 months ago
Nope I am saying they should stick to teaching and keep politics out of education
Kabar 8 months ago
I don't think there's much evidence to support a link between QM and ideas of an afterlife. But there's plenty to suggest that "reality" is far more complex and manifold that the version of reality that our five-sense palette paints for us.
Malahn 8 months ago
For most Christians, the "absolute" they believe in is that Christ died for the sins of humanity, and in order to be saved, and go to heaven, one must believe, etc..... I am unsure of what you mean by "The secular Christian United Nations" Isn't that contradictory? If Christianity paved the way for non-barbaric human rights, that's great. I'm not saying Christianity is evil or anything.
Faeramar 7 months ago
Extra tax on those that choose fur-babies over the real thing.
Kajiktilar 7 months ago
Symmetry. You can't use one cup from one pair, and another cup from another pair for morning coffee. It's just not right.

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