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"no, but maybe we know Sir T a little better. I totally took him to mean there is a group of atheists who really get angry. None of us can debate that. Sir T is one of the most fair theists I've come across."

" Luckily, because I had girlfriends, none of my team mates minded when I gave them a friendly pat on the ass after a good game, or made jokes with them while we were naked in the showers.

If I thought he was good enough then I'd let him play in the game that Saturday.

Sissy Anal Encouragement by Sexy Smoker Part 2

Sissy Anal Encouragement by Sexy Smoker Part 2

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And punched both my arms forward. We played it just about every weekend, and me and my teammate and best friend Jamie, were practically unbeatable. Midgey white blond hair was piled up on her head.

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Chubby midget gidget
Chubby midget gidget

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Telkis 6 months ago
not at all. just wanted clarification of your comment.
Kaganris 6 months ago
When we have the lowest black unemployment on record in America, something big is happening.
Nishicage 6 months ago
Don't involve children when it comes to permanent changes to physical and mental state based on an adult's belief. The young would have to decide for themselves.
Yolkis 6 months ago
This is my problem too.
Kazigor 5 months ago
No youre not unless you masturbate into a womans vagina.
Goltijinn 5 months ago
My least favorite Atheist argument is
Akinorn 5 months ago
Come on now that is not fair at all, just the testosterone difference alone makes it unfair for the soy boy.
Zololmaran 5 months ago
What creator? You cant prove it exists... unlike Nietzsche.
Godal 5 months ago
Evo is getting an engine overhaul really...or complete swap. Bacteria consciously transferring sequence across when needed. That explains new splits to new structure to the Cambrian. requires you to believe bacteria are calling the shots too. Intelligence on a tiny midichlorians from star wars :)
Mozragore 4 months ago
Good day TUS.
Dakree 4 months ago
The whole world is watching.
Jukree 4 months ago
Bazahn 4 months ago
It's exactly what flyingdickmonster insinuated.
Jusida 4 months ago
I really like how the bible deals shortly and adequately with atheists.
Tokus 3 months ago
I said it was a voluntary choice to take dope or booze. That is all. You implied otherwise.
Kajinos 3 months ago
?Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains. - Winston Churchill
Fenrijar 3 months ago
Yes, but the evidence they used is not the same kind of evidence that is used in scientific research. Here is the issue...the hardline Atheists are demanding material proof, evidence that is objective, and they will accept nothing less. The believers have what they consider "very convincing" evidence, however as the nature of it is non-material it can only be evidence to THAT individual. If the believers would stop insisting that their God and beliefs should be true and followed by ALL and understand that this system of belief can only be an individual relationship that exists in the confines of one's mind, then there would be no argument or demands that Atheists could make on them with regards to "proof". However, that does not work for those who wish to control other people's lives by demanding they live by the rules of the religion THEY have chosen.
Zushicage 3 months ago
4,447 comments in 15 days. I'll wait and see if this is real or just some fun time for someone.
Duhn 3 months ago
Here's your problem, summarized in a crude graph, which is offered as an over-simplified schematic.
Terg 2 months ago
Same to you my friend...keep fighting against ignorance!
Meztitaxe 2 months ago
You are trying to use LOGIC on leftists it doesn't work, their hatred of Trump blinds them!
Shakazil 2 months ago @$$ on the toilet!
Kigalar 2 months ago
Oh Moses smell the roses!
Kezahn 2 months ago
No, the CDC and such are not even allowed to research such things.
Shakara 2 months ago
That is the reason why the universe was SHRUNK drastically into the Environment. Then changes were blamed on humans so nitwits who hijacked science can gain political power over all mankind thru totalitarian control of the human environment.
Mishura 1 month ago
Now you are going from North Korea to Iran. Looks like you are lost today.
Vumi 1 month ago
Sucks to have^^^ no intelligent point & have to defend slime.
Nizshura 1 month ago
I don't know how you put up with my hating judgemental ass! :oP
Malazshura 1 month ago
Don't you agree your post is contradictory? You rightly state " No one has a clear picture of what one will be doing for an eternity in heaven" and then you contradict by saying "existing forever would be torture at some point you will have done everything you could possibly do you?ll get bored." 8)
Malasho 4 weeks ago
they are seen as such now.
Faegar 3 weeks ago
A similar question could be asked of Christians: Since y'all are soon going to see the return of Jesus and be 'Raptured' up to Heaven, why don't y'all simply rape the planet for all of it's resources?

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