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"Except of course that the 1% only got 20% of the tax cuts which is less than their current share of all federal taxes."

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Cop nude over photo quits top town wife
Cop nude over photo quits top town wife

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Barg 8 months ago
Oh Enoch, is this approach of yours part of the sainted masochism of religiosity? You know this is not going to end well for you, don't you?
Vijora 8 months ago
The gods. It's all right there. Read it.
Nezil 8 months ago
Yeah so if that were true there would be at least one atheistic culture in history
Kajirisar 8 months ago
Wasn't this whole thing about state sponsors of terrorism?
Douran 7 months ago
It's been the best reality we can describe for decades now: electrons are both waves and particles, but not both simultaneouly: it depends on which you are trying to observe for.
Nisida 7 months ago
Slaves were usually Halfway healthy to do the work, innocent unborn human life was not given the same consideration but were torn from limb to limb in the most crucial form of death known to man. It might be shameful to link slavery to abortion but not for the reason you are thinking.
Gardajas 7 months ago
I like this answer.
Zuk 7 months ago
I only took them because I thought they were fives.??
Meztilrajas 6 months ago
I?d be emotional too if I were the subject of a forensic audit beginning in a couple weeks.
Akit 6 months ago
If none practiced the ideology, it would not exist. If we see Sharia rise all over the world in the recent 50 years (and actually throughout all history except around 1850-1950), it means the ideology has a lot of influence. If we see a harmful influence, does it matter how many Muslims don't follow it, or follow only partically? Even if it's 1 out of 100, it doesn't turn Islam into a peaceful doctrine compatible with modern world.
Dami 6 months ago
That's what I gathered from the original comment.
Migrel 6 months ago
"you should not have stood in the crossroads,
Faeshura 6 months ago
Biggest mistake, giving women the right to vote.
Mekinos 6 months ago
Not believing in a god isn't the same as wanting to tear down all religion. How can you not see the difference?
Arakazahn 6 months ago
Everyone's scholarship should be looked at. The majority of scholars (not just Ehrman) say it wasn't written by John.
Goltizragore 6 months ago
I ate it so much growing up I can't stand it now.
Malataxe 5 months ago
LOL that's not nice.... Funny but... Not nice...
Tegami 5 months ago
An interesting development...the hacks on here have started to post what they imagine to be, flattering cartoons of Hussein and fat legs, Clinton! Do they really have nobody else? Maybe, they should be encouraged to put Clinton up as a candidate for the Presidency.....they're quite stupid enough to do it!
Yoran 5 months ago
Many of the native people of the americas have always treates women equally. The spiritualleadership traditions of our people women are on equal footing for thousands of years.
Shakashura 5 months ago
So we nullify part of the 1st amendment? Might as well go to work on the 2nd too.
Kagashura 5 months ago
You ask him for evidence, yet you still think Trump will be impeached for something there is no evidence of happening.
Mezitilar 5 months ago
Aww there so cute
Gardalmaran 4 months ago
To the ignorant fundamentalist.
Akinolabar 4 months ago
The people who read the Bible interpreted that as a flat Earth, and still continue to do so. There's nothing in there that talks about a spheroid Earth.
Nashakar 4 months ago
"I will oppose you though, if you try to force others to adopt that religion..."
Tojale 4 months ago
I occurs to me that conservatives do not care to research and look for facts because if you did care to look for facts you would not keep repeating the same debunked alt-right talking points.
Kigarr 4 months ago
I interpret it as a manifestation of the complacent and alienated view that ignores Social Responsibility and Sustainaibility issues and buys into the pop entertainment culture.
Taurn 3 months ago
But the 2A covers both: the right to KEEP - possess - and BEAR - carry - arms - weapons, not just firearms.
Voodoojin 3 months ago
see thats the thing, even that would be limitless. I mean is there a limit to a fraction, I would say that depended on possibility and probability. I thought about these things and I want to say thats 0's larger numeral divide. I don't its hard for me to explain
Fenris 3 months ago
It is his attempt at basically saying ?suck it atheists science agrees with my religion?
Mikami 3 months ago
It is not a function of science to "prove" anything. Science explains based on the culmination of evidence and is always open to incorporating new evidence when it is found. You seem to be very hostile toward the scientific process.
Fetilar 3 months ago
Cop nude over photo quits top town wife

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