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"My dad's female nurse catheterised my dad when he was in the hospital. I'll guess not all female nurses have a problem with it."

"And in the end, you care about her, sweetie. He looked up a me, and with one of his hands he reached for my pussy. I wiped my cock over her face and told her to stay where she was. His bag was already in there so I just ran back out, grabbed Jayden's wrist Naakai pulled him into the cubicle before locking it.

Busty blonde bombshell got her pierced fuck hole plowed hard

Busty blonde bombshell got her pierced fuck hole plowed hard

It was novel and tickled her interest. Our fingers danced with each other up his ass, we slid against each other reacting with a perfect rhythm.

My hands crept under my chest and held my breast firm. I even got my hair done. "You Got Murdered!" She lifted herself up and leaned to one side to avoid the hungry tongue.

she opened it but turn round at said "you have changed leonardo and it britney fhcked now on" i shouted ""why do you care so much britney ?" she came back in grabbed me by the hand and started walking with out a choice i had to follow her ""where are we going?"" she didnt answer but i noticed we was on the way to the football field.

"I'll call you when I'm done.

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Nile 6 months ago
Not as long as you post your pinchbeck philosophy.
Gardajind 6 months ago
and another insult right wing yoda... and another Deletion.
Shakarisar 5 months ago
A conservative will worry about an expensive purchase and make sure he can cover the cost of it before going ahead. A liberal thinking person will purchase it right away and worry very little about whether he or she can afford it. Same with Governments!
Vut 5 months ago
This is not really a surprise. The Circuit Court Judge had improvise a standard that has never existed to explain why the ban was ruled against in the first place.
Kagalabar 5 months ago
These CON girl posts need to begin with:
Sadal 5 months ago
A lot of these folks are just as classy when they are winning as they were when they were losing. :)
Shaktinos 5 months ago
snapping necks and cashing checks......meanwhile our delicate liberal geniuses are playing gender jumble
Nibar 5 months ago
Nothing in the bible that is false? I guess you haven't read Genesis. Try reading how the world was made, like how day and night existed before the Sun was made. I guess it is understandable for ignorant people who didn't have knowledge of what the Sun was or of science in general, they didn't understand how day or night worked. But for anyone today to not know it is embarrassing. Bible is wrong right from the start. The bible in your hand was made by a person. It is not divine. You might believe otherwise. But all you have for that belief is faith, not evidence. You seem to be using your claim that the bible is true to provide evidence for your claim that the bible is true. That is circular reasoning. You only have your claim, no evidence at all. Really you cannot provide one single example of actual evidence, all you have are really simple and obvious fallacies.
Maugrel 5 months ago
US Christians often go shopping for a church, and they do so because it is ultimately irrelevant? It sounds like you just want to assert the last point. And it is irrelevant because being a Christian is personal, meaning a personal commitment to God and to Jesus in terms of actions and integrity.
Shakagami 5 months ago
That student didn't just normal fell asleep in class, the way he was zoned out is like deep sleep that you only get after sleeping for like 90 mins, unless the class was really long and he had been sleeping for a long while there's no way he'd be that wasted - seems more likely that he was high or something.
Gubei 4 months ago
We can't have that. Seize the syrup!!!
Faumuro 4 months ago
naaa - you can believe the nonsense. i left those lies long ago. the Bible is for all who desire Christianity. you have no patent on the Word of our Creator. take your head out and read It and educate yourself through the lens of Truth, Sir.
Goltinos 4 months ago
What is this supposed to even mean?
Tygokazahn 4 months ago
Here is a record that actually maters
Malazilkree 4 months ago
No way what? Oh I figured it out
Arashirg 4 months ago
I see. Interesting choice of bird.
Fejind 3 months ago
It only took one.
Vogore 3 months ago
Hades was a convicted rapist for a while on Friday, you
Kem 3 months ago
Funny thing about this meme, it shows the problem of allowing the government to be in charge of two of your 3 basic needs.
Zololmaran 3 months ago
Maybe find a conservative speakers you both like and is more reasonable when it pertains to politics
Zulukazahn 2 months ago
"Observe the banana"
Zulkitaxe 2 months ago
You kinda gotta investigate before charging someone...
Nekinos 2 months ago
I'm for open borders. If someone's quality of life is increased by coming to America, I say come, legal or otherwise. How is an American's life more valuable than a Venezuelan's or a Mexican's? I venture it isn't. People are people, regardless of place of origin.
Junris 2 months ago
I qualified my statement
Shakacage 2 months ago
Here is the best quote from this paper
Sabar 2 months ago
God was always there. He spoke, ( as a phrase that we as humans can understand), and the big bang happened.
Tojacage 1 month ago
Explain on what that has to do with what you've said or what ive said.
Moogukinos 1 month ago
I just want to reiterate that what happened to this guy is terrible and I feel just awful for him. I just hate hypocrisy and people who limit their compassion to those who look like them.
Tojanos 1 month ago
Plan B not only is unable to prevent implementation/ cause an abortion, its effectiveness is based solely off what time of the month you take it. Some research shows it can actually increase your odds of pregnancy in certain cases.
Dijin 1 month ago
Yes Ms. Bette Davis!
Fekora 4 weeks ago
Thank you. :)
Dakree 3 weeks ago
Same in Koran which Stone age Islamists practice to this day.

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