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"No problem. Jokes sort themselves out after a while. The import factor is that we are Growing together to become the Family of God that He wants us to be. As it is always about the Family. In any species."

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Hot women nude in shower
Hot women nude in shower

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JoJom 1 year ago
To be clear about the OP, I understand that you believe this. What I don't get are those questions. You answered 3 and 4 but you simply can't be serious about 1 and 2. I have a special follow up just for you... Was Jesus a sacrifice or not?
Vishura 1 year ago
Unfortunately, there aren't any close to me...though in the summer we do have roadside stands with fruits and vegetables...that is something
Kigazahn 1 year ago
You and UncleE.
Shakabei 1 year ago
This is a good plan until you apply for a mortgage or finance a vehicle.
Tejin 11 months ago
Edit* Redacted - I misunderstood the context
Shaktitaur 11 months ago
Jughead doesn't give a shit he has a Fed credit Card and also a private Driver .....and car also ......
Kerisar 11 months ago
Sorry little fella. The unemployment rate felll from 10% to under 5% under Obama, due to policies he implemented. Trump inherited that economy, but the trend continues even with Trump doing nothing but lying at least twice daily. Dodging impeachment because of his involvement with the Russian's hacking of our voting system. And lying about his involvement with women in the sex industry. He is a national disgrace.
Akigis 11 months ago
Three thousand kilos of cocaine?
Fell 11 months ago
That's okay, but then, what is the point in making claims if you lack the honor to defend or demonstrate them?
Akisho 10 months ago
So, if you blame Him for the bad, who you thank for the good?
Malaramar 10 months ago
Well, it's not like they tell us what the vote percentages are, as the votes are cast. So there is no effective way you can actually "vote to minority status".
Brazil 10 months ago
Wasn t one of Trump promises that he was different from other politicians? Now whataboutism is used to excuse Trump from being just like the others. LOL!
Najora 10 months ago
"John von Neumann demonstrated that given a system with sufficient freedom and sufficient time, a self-replicating cellular automate will arise and that this can perform any computation which is possible."
Moogusar 10 months ago
"The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity. Nowhere in the Gospels do we find a precept for Creeds, Confessions, Oaths, Doctrines, and whole cartloads of other foolish trumpery that we find in Christianity.?
Fautilar 10 months ago
Religiosity isn't decreasing. Nominal, name-only self-identified Christians are simply identifying as unaffiliated. That's hardly a decrease in religiosity, because they aren't religious to begin with.
Malasar 9 months ago
We can shop elsewhere. That's the beauty of the free market.
Neshakar 9 months ago
There is no such thing as 'objective' morality. Even if I were to concede that a deity exists AND that the deity is Yahweh AND that Yahweh wrote the Bible we still haven't arrived at 'objective' morality. All we've done is substitute the deity's subjective opinions for ours. Abdicating your choices about morality to someone or something else doesn't make it objective.
Meztizil 9 months ago
Fine- you are blocked for you vapid trolling if no intellectual or entertainment value.

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