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Masturbation causes testicular cancer

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"Yeah that?s my point. ?Even the professionals can?t agree? - a person after my own heart. 41,000 denominations speaks as much about the text, as it does it?s followers."

I'M the victim!" She then dissolved into tears, and could only continue when the sobbing subsided. Before I realize what she is doing, she quickly straddles me again, her legs testiculxr my arms to the mattress.

A low sigh escaped my lips. I grab my robe as I run outside thinking over and over in my head "She wouldn't, she wouldn't, she wouldn't" I slide into the living room and cauwes exactly what I had feared.


Tonight is one of our date nights. " To punctuate the statement, I feel her take a nibble at the skin of my scrotum through my underwear. Soon, the bottoms of his feet were soaked. She didn't have time to debate it, Lee was already out of his seat and extending his hand to help her up out of the seat, she took it and smiled to him.

It was a Friday night, me and 3 other friends were all over at Jamie's house playing beer pong.

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Masturbation causes testicular cancer
Masturbation causes testicular cancer

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Brazshura 11 months ago
Ich bin kein Frau. Wo sind die frauen?
Mezikora 11 months ago
Blowing tea through my nostrils on that response.
Ganos 11 months ago
First thing you almost got right - science tries to explain things, then they find out that what they explained is wrong and have to adjust and after a few hundred times of doing that, they do it some more - evolution is a perfect example of it, they are still trying to explain it.
Aralabar 10 months ago
Yes, the law comes first. That is the current reality in America.
Vitilar 10 months ago
You sound a bit daft, don't you? I mean, the article YOU POSTED involved a female Muslim employee refusing to serve an allegedly male customer. My example involved a male Muslim employee having no problem serving a female customer.
Vogis 10 months ago
I consider it an obligation to be kind to people when terminating a relationship... People are very wounded by rejection and act out in odd ways. Some of those ways are not justified.
Mashakar 10 months ago
I think we could have solved this and many other problems if people were not trying to make a buck off every single event in history... Once again greed has sealed our fate..
Vit 9 months ago
Ask Mr Owl, he knows
Vubar 9 months ago
Yep there are people who claim to care but don't really do anything
Kajigis 9 months ago
Your arguing by declaration is a fallacy, despite your unsupported denial.
Maugami 9 months ago
If she's out, wonder what she'll do next. Seriously.
Arajinn 9 months ago
No, mine is the God of experience, not science, faith, speculation or philosophy.
Gorn 9 months ago
What confuses the religious who are so desperate to believe what they are told is that historical fiction almost always mentions actual people and places and even events. We have multiple lines of evidence that Nebuchadnezzar and Herod and Jerusalem really did exist. So people mistakenly assume the Bible must be historical and everyone mentioned therein must have existed and the events actually took place. However notice we don't have the words of Nebuchadnezzar and Herod, any of their conversations recorded by any actual historians. Anywhere. Those these men did exist the figures of Nebuchadnezzar and Herod described in the Bible are totally fictional complete with made-up conversations. See how it works? You can argue until you turn blue but as I have clearly demonstrated you don't know the first thing about literature. I don't talk about subjects I don't know anything about and you shouldn't either.
Mikalkis 8 months ago
Disquis has been a mess lately
Jugal 8 months ago
Neither have you, or anyone you know that?s not delusional. And who were these guys? Cave men who thought that the world was flat. You?re easily gulled aren?t you? I rose from the dead this morning.
Faekinos 8 months ago
Fortunately, being born gay or straight isn't a sin.
Meztigami 8 months ago
The oldest person in the universe is God but his word the bible outdated. Think
Kagore 8 months ago
This is bad news.
Dirn 8 months ago
OMG... They are over here condoning someone who big upp'd the President of China becoming the president for life. Dafuq??
Migrel 8 months ago
I state what i know boldly. If people are inspired, or desire to know more, they will ask, as you did.
Babar 8 months ago
Except that you can't point to a single time in human history where this "objective" approach was actual used by real people.
Aralar 7 months ago
Would that person die happy ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Tecage 7 months ago
Written by various men over time.
Sak 7 months ago
Sorry to disturb, but I have a fairly long comment for this thread held up as spam. Could you look into this for me? Thanks.
Fenrijind 7 months ago
Please see my extended comment below about Goedel?s Incompleteness Theorem, Social Science Epistemology, and the Scientism fallacy. There are some fun opportunities for addressing these Scientism extremists.
Faura 7 months ago
Thats not how it works. People are stuck in rural areas because they are too poor and stupid to make it in the city. Those of us in the city will occasionally take a weekend to go into the country. Country living is cheap. No one would kill anything to like in a trailer. Sorry. I've worked longer than you have and I will never leave the excitement. Why would I want to be bored all the time? Right, I could never pic up cow shit and dig ditches. It's such a difficult job. Pffft. Who said I have a dead end job? My job takes me all over the world. You know, that place outside of your truck stop town. I couldn't imagine sitting around all day collecting social security. Everyday my career is different and exciting. There are much worse ways to make a living, thats for sure. Like digging ditches, Cleetus. Why would dI join the service? To fight what? Some bullshit war? no thanks. There is nothing worth fighting for. I've made something of myself and didn't need guys screaming at me and striping me of my rights. Hey, some people just need to be scared straight, like you. Everyone rural is prepped because you people are fucking stupid. Everyone laughs at you people. Don't you know that?
Shaktitaxe 7 months ago
Ahh so the universal scales of justice if the good outweighs the bad you are good?
Kezahn 7 months ago
Objectivity is the description of what is objective about something.
Nejora 7 months ago
No, but either you are trolling or a lying christian. Either way, a child could bust your lies, so bother someone else liar.
Yoktilar 6 months ago
NO, sorry, YOU cannot tell me what I believe.
Goltikree 6 months ago
I read the article and what I like best is that picture of the high diving board. To me the steps and board represent orthodox religion. Once you get to the top of the board you can either stay there, or you can take the leap into the pool of spirituality, or the pool of agnosticism/atheism. But it is just one pool.
Fauzragore 6 months ago
It appears that you're still in favour of the hypothetical possibility of an uncaused "first cause" - I suppose that must be the "Big Bang" since that is the oldest event of which we have any empirical scientific evidence.

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