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"It is so wonderful for you to condemn me for such beliefs and acknowledgments. Obviously, you are God, and have already judged my ultimate outcome based on what? Superstitious rhetoric coming forth from sources that are inherently 'anti-Love' and pro-punishment."

This was all about to change for her; it would just take a while before it became normal practice for her. Her instinct spsn to close her legs again as soon as the man released his grip, but then, jarringly, she found herself staring upward into the round, dark opening of the barrel of one of the Glock G31's, and she froze instantly.

And now the man, still on top of her, was crying.

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Shweta was feeling shy and hesitant. appadi oruththar veliyur poi irundhaar. athanaal avan pool sulapaththil veeruvin koothikkul nuzhaiyavillai. "Teeny. " Shouted one s;an the boys, the ref, or in this case the official.

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Anna span naked
Anna span naked

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Kanris 5 months ago
Doesn't make a difference whether "Luke" was who he said he was. NadaLiar's point is that he was CLAIMING to be writing historical truth. Writers of popular entertainment do not generally claim to be writing historical truth.
Faukasa 5 months ago
If you are really intrested please note that I DID stay on topic ??????
Mezishakar 5 months ago
I'm fascinated by Choice Theory, that claims choice is based on what people see as benefits. Everything from choices to sign a 30 year mortgage to getting drunk to believing in god.
Taukree 5 months ago
OK. Try and clear your mind a little bit . It?l be alright, I promise .
Meztirg 5 months ago
Am I taking charge because I've been taught that to let him be in charge makes me weak or do I want to actually make all those decisions? The way we are now is that he leads and I follow. This is very different than he rules and I obey. That wouldn't fly. I'm terrible at obeying. If I feel I have to do something I will usually do the opposite.
Nilrajas 5 months ago
That's fvcked up
Moogugore 4 months ago
Ditto. And I'd be thinking that some strange ingredients might be added to the cake :(
Moogugor 4 months ago
Cool opinions. But it does actually matter, by law. Feel free to continue your racist fantasy tho.
Nalar 4 months ago
It *seems* so. I mean, you've left some great posts elsewhere but you seem to be unwilling to engage with mine, other than to make a middle-school-level joke.
Keshura 4 months ago
You know Sanders is jewish right?
Kazilrajas 4 months ago
Can you source that?
Arashira 3 months ago
Other than spouses or parents, no one really has that much of an interest.
Anna span naked

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