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Methods of masturbation during period Masturbation

Methods of masturbation during period Masturbation
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"Your inaccurate reporting of the details of the court case led to you recommending segregation for gay people, and treatment identical to the treatment of African-Americans up until the civil rights movement. You even posted a map to show all the other places that gay people could try to go to buy a cake. So, I posted related images, showing books that told African-Americans where they were allowed to travel and shop."

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Zunris 8 months ago
There's always going to be
Fetaxe 8 months ago
Is something moral or immoral independent of humanity and its opinions? If morality is objective, then we should think so, in the same way that a tree falling in the woods make a sound even if there is no one around to hear it. It seems to me that this makes morality inherently subjective; it only exists insomuch as humans are around to have an opinion about actions. Remove humanity and you remove any notion of "morality". You said so yourself: a cat's actions aren't moral or immoral but only amoral because it lacks the cognitive functions necessary to form complex human opinions.
Gahn 8 months ago
Care to explain how a sense of hope and joy in death (assuming those to be the wishes of the about-to-be decedent) cannot be achieved through secular means? If you can't, you lose!
Tegrel 8 months ago
How in the f*ck do you know how someone feels about any other person, thing or idea?
Taudal 7 months ago
God doesn't need to use manipulation to get us to obey, he just kills when we don't. Drowned everything.
Yozil 7 months ago
sorry if I got you wrong...too many avitars and hard to keep up with everyone's religion or no religion. Especially if sarcasm is used or someone isn't clear.
Mazulmaran 7 months ago
I'm pretty upset that suicide is seemingly comparable to trading in a used Corolla, but it is what it is I guess.
Shabei 7 months ago
Your post is absolutely right. The "organized" 'religions are dwindling rapidly, Thanks God for that.
JoJokus 7 months ago
Everyone enjoys a debate, but if it starts to run off of the rails and people become belligerent or disrespectful, then the host can ask them to leave. There's no censorship, only a boundary of what is acceptable behaviour.
Zulkizshura 6 months ago
You just get more ridiculous. I wouldn? go to a vet that didn?t
Kagatilar 6 months ago
Of course He was. What a silly thing to say.
Mizahn 6 months ago
hmmmmm - running from scandal to scandal, allowinig party members to profit thru her govt, cutting health care, refusing drug treatment to kids, ... oh, and running ontario into the ground - sounds like a certain premier
Kimi 6 months ago
But most atheists are not Marxists.
Dugrel 6 months ago
You have been hanging out with the wrong atheists. :) Either that, or you have a bogeyman you've built up in your mind with no actual human contact with someone who doesn't believe what you do.
Doujar 5 months ago
When the teacher told him, this is an insult, Jesus never repeat by telling him, no it's not an insult, as you claim! So please be fair with the text and open your mind to the truth instead of denying it by twisting the text with some "figurative" false interpretations to skip the truth.
Narg 5 months ago
God is prevalent in all.
Zolojora 5 months ago
"Most people can't just find the ideal job with the ideal pay. "
Tukazahn 5 months ago
It also gives them both time and space to re visit the idea once the negative feelings subside
Nanris 5 months ago
I disagree with it as well. Shame many people disparage male rape victims.
Shakasida 5 months ago
Yes, one socialist will really destroy the US.
Mugor 4 months ago
Oh ok. I thought that was only a Pentecostal thing.
Taujinn 4 months ago
The most immediate theater of Western disarray is today?s G7 meeting in Canada and Trump's trade war against America?s allies ... you can?t negotiate a trade deal with somebody who believes Canada must be punished for the War of 1812.
Shakatilar 4 months ago
The new Off Topic discussion is now open for the day:
Samujinn 4 months ago
Since you can't show that we need a god in any capacity, it stands to reason that we don't need a god in any capacity.

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