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"So did you answer the poll questions according to your personal interpretation of Islam? That is what the question was from the OP."

After I got out the shower i found my tightest pink top. " Lucky pushed and prodded. Luckily for me, one of my players had called in sick and wouldn't be able to play on Saturday so whether Jayden was good or not, I could have him on the team because we were short on players.

He looked up at me, and I gave him a spano half smile.

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"Hi Kim, you ok you don't look so good" Lee said as he saw his sister. That is one of the first things he was taught and a few clumsy time he found out why it was so. The efreet thrashed at the top of the stairs.

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Sex and spank
Sex and spank
Sex and spank

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Kajik 10 months ago
You wanted to report me. That would be the most effective place for you to report me. Perhaps you're not aware, but you can also block people, too, so that I will be as invisible to you as you'd like gay people to be.
Naramar 10 months ago
You have not read what I posted. You have distorted. Please do not distort. I would think that as a moderator you would set an example.
Vudogor 10 months ago
typical hypocritical republican bigots.
Vule 10 months ago
Yes. Silently sad but openly not complaining about it. I like it. :)
Faera 10 months ago
"organized religion" accounts for exactly 52 hours a year. Wanna guess how much influence secular academia has on a child? You get 52 hours just in a few weeks.
Mezishakar 9 months ago
If you mean our planet, the latest science indicates that it was formed like the sun by collisions of disc-shaped clouds which also formed the sun. And in case you haven't noticed, both the sun and the earth are still extant.
Tosho 9 months ago
I dunno. There's a certain assonance to "Noah's Flotilla"
Tulrajas 9 months ago
It seems the Eagles disinvited themselves.
Vushicage 9 months ago
It only matters for those who claim Jesus is the son of God.
Baramar 9 months ago
Didn't the same / similar happen with the black boxer? 0bama ignored his case while Trump did the right thing.
Bara 8 months ago
I guess because I take disgruntled ex employees with a grain of salt. I guess if they are saying what you want to hear then credibility isn't an issue for you.
Gom 8 months ago
AHHH, those kind of nuts.
Kagagor 8 months ago
So it doesn't make you a bigot when you speak of negative facts, right?
Malasar 8 months ago
I'm curious as to why you imply that Catholics are not Christians. Regardless, a love without abuse between two people must surely be a gift from god.
Shakakazahn 8 months ago
"First what is the motivation here? What are you gaining?" This mindset coming from other women is exactly why I was always so ashamed of my inability to orgasm with a partner. And a huge reason why I never reached out for help or guidance.
Fenrigul 8 months ago
Lebron: GOAT without rings.
JoJotaxe 8 months ago
Im sure from your Christian privilege point of view its all about you and your christianist cultists.
Shakara 7 months ago
Please tell me they didn't vote the haggis back in.
Dimi 7 months ago
All positions on the scale are "I don't know," including 1 and 100.
Guzuru 7 months ago
Your ass, then.
Mohn 7 months ago
Find friends that aren't rude. Why do you even call rude people "friends"?
Vular 7 months ago
certainly quirky, opinionated, entertaining ...knowledgeable on a variety of topics (certainly FOOD)...dunno about 'misunderstood' as I didn't know him well.
Aragrel 6 months ago
I'll ask you, what's happening when an overabundance of neurotransmitter chemicals known as catecholamines are released? Snap.
Moogushura 6 months ago
You obfuscate, focusing on what errant idiots and vicious MEN do in the NAME of religion, to deflect away from the ETHIC of the religion, which the cross portrays. The cross is the symbol of the ultimate sacrifice of love for your fellow man. You have a problem with that ethic? Gobsmacked that you even had to ask. That is how far we have fallen - breeding eejits who don't even know that much.
Yogami 6 months ago
I probably would've mentioned it to my other co-workers before inviting them. People get weird.
Dibar 6 months ago
I tried it, didnt work
Meziramar 6 months ago
I ate it so much growing up I can't stand it now.
JoJohn 6 months ago
I do not know how anyone can misinterpret what another person says if they tried.
Nisar 6 months ago
God is not some kindly old grandfatherly type looking down and clucking his tongue over the misdeeds of His children. He is love, but He is also a jealous God, a God of war, and most importantly, a holy God. Our human perceptions can't really look at the big picture through God's eyes. He has wiped out entire races of people to suit His purposes. We can second guess him, but that would be akin to a newborn attempting brain surgery.
Kelkree 5 months ago
Bananas on Mars are purple (well... mahogany coloured really). We've been importing them from the Martian colony for years.
Sex and spank

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