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Big tiot redhead hardcore
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"what's really sad is that you WANT that to happen. Your god must be so proud!!!"

Shit. One minute there were about five men walking about offering to collect drinks. He was the vet's dog. And beyond.

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Zulusar 7 months ago
^^^spelling [email protected] here
Mazumuro 7 months ago
"You may believe as you like I think that Acts 9:1-21 and Corinth. 12:7 and the two conflicting stories of his blindness regarding the duration of the affliction , seeing and hearing things suggest to me that he was prone to seizures and strokes ."
Moshakar 7 months ago
Most of Islam was ripped off from Judaism. That is a fact.
Taushakar 7 months ago
So, the foundation for morality is human conscience? OK, then who's human conscience? They differ from person to person. Sometimes quite a bit. Is it your human conscience or Jeffrey Dahmer's that ought to form the base? Why?
Vukree 7 months ago
Care to prove the existence of this god of yours and your conversance with the will, nature and acts of this god of yours? If you can't, guess whose loss it is, dude.
Nejar 7 months ago
I guess because you represent your parents and they want don't a mess representing them
Maushicage 7 months ago
Are you afraid the ? lie? might catch on and atheists might start founding their own churches and evangelizing on internet chat boards?
Vudohn 6 months ago
1.Your emotions sit center to where you are and why.
Kegis 6 months ago
Girl, that was a deal too because it included utilities. I went to my old neighborhood from when I was a kid. My parents had a townhouse that they were renting, and the landlord was trying to sell it to them for 100K in the 90s. IT IS NOW WORTH 1.5 MILLION. AND IT'S SMALL AF.
Tygokazahn 6 months ago
I think I liked it more than her givenchy dress. But I've always loved stella mccartney clothes.
Goltibei 6 months ago
School Shooting today in Dixon, IL. The hometown of Ronald Reagan.
Kajigrel 6 months ago
Basically...That's why he got the boot. Incorrect thought processes. Pleasant enough fellow, but I lost all respect for him. Once that happens with me, I can't fake the funk. He didn't believe me, because he's a "nice guy". I told him that he's so busy putting on appearances, he actually dropped the ball on taking care of home. So why would I want to make a home with you? ??
Golrajas 6 months ago
Do you not have any natural empathy or compassion outside of your religion?
Dotilar 6 months ago
yay! just in time for me to complain (:.
Malarisar 5 months ago
Really? When were Newton, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, or Copernicus "shunned" by their Church? Galileo is an example, but he was eventually freed. And none of them abandoned their faith.
Kazratilar 5 months ago
Yeah...thanks- it will take a lot of time to get this stuff together-
Mikami 5 months ago
Stupid is as stupid does. Forrest Gump. You don't know how to think right.
JoJojas 5 months ago
Whatever. We get tired of the silly threat. But carry on
Arashile 4 months ago
No need to; He allowed Man to discover what He had deposited in the bone marrow: life.
Zolojind 4 months ago
Don't care what people do with their mouths and butts in the bedroom. Just don't go shoving things in your body that aren't made to go into your body. No one needs butt sex gone wrong as the reason for their ER visit.
Mikasar 4 months ago
Science adds new levels of understanding and depth of knowledge to existing knowledge Expansion of knowledge is change in the same way the growth of a rose bush is change but not at all the way your misleading post tries to imply. The rose bush is still the rose bush just larger
Big tiot redhead hardcore

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