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"A forum with only a few lefties is bound to seem biased towards the right. Why do you suppose there are so few lefties left here, could it be that they simply burned out from constantly having to stand up for the Liberals? Spinning and deflecting from all those foibles takes a toll on even the most ardent Liberal supporter."

I sat on her couch again and looked through some of her art books, thinking through the implications of what I had learned about how she thought. "Oh Lee I'm glad it was you I shared my body with" Kim said as she snuggled into her brother.

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College girls sex galleries Babes
College girls sex galleries Babes

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Shaktirg 6 months ago
Two Libs elected so far. WTF were those idiots thinking???
Kejin 6 months ago
Thanks but just so you know.
Akicage 5 months ago
this 8 minutes might change your life
Tat 5 months ago
Not specifically, AFAIK.
Yotaxe 5 months ago
You stated "Well we certainly do not follow the ignorant philosophies of the Reich-Wing religious right"
Sanris 5 months ago
Rick...Are you saying my Irish Spring isn't working?
Mekasa 5 months ago
Oh tell TFCC that,
Akinojin 5 months ago
FYI I don't really believe this argument I am just playing the game;)
Kam 4 months ago
Farmers market much better
Kitilar 4 months ago
It was the erudition and courtesy of your posts that compelled me to respond.
Zugrel 4 months ago
"....cannot establish any religion as the official religion of the United States, despite what Conservative Christians currently state. "
Faugul 4 months ago
Your Hollywood notions of wizards and vampires are based upon the existence of such people.
Taugrel 4 months ago
But we are God's chosen people! /s
Zulkigami 4 months ago
As long as you know and acknowledge with every single comment that women do this stuff too. :)
Goltinris 3 months ago
BZZZ. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows?
Mojora 3 months ago
You may physically exist in the south, but being online and in the world somehow trends social justice, away from God. That's,why you are here more than
Vigor 3 months ago
No. We had an experiment about what happens when comey and mueller aren?t f ing things up.
Mashicage 3 months ago
Don't forget that God is perfect. He cannot express His Love at the expense of His justice.
Nikole 3 months ago
I understand his apprehension, you can never be too sure. However, I have met two (gonna be 3) people that I only knew off Disqus, and I?m still alive lol.
Majar 2 months ago
Exactly! And with all the "RHINO's" the minions have heretofore thrown under the bus...are there any conservatives still around?
Nakora 2 months ago
Back at ya youngster.
Shashura 2 months ago
I've already described your second mistake.
Shale 2 months ago
doubt she knew what?
Mazura 2 months ago
Dude, I'm going to tell you ONE MORE TIME to stop and leave the thread unless you can stay on topic.
Bagal 1 month ago
In 1948 the Israel army was unskilled. How did they manage to defeat the multiple trained armies attacking them from all around? Be open.
Grobei 1 month ago
It goes from something like 5 to 7% of the total European population over the next 30 years.
College girls sex galleries Babes

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