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"What would the ancient sheepherders wrote this story know?"

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alicia rhodes tough love - Scene 2

Her imagination must be running wild tonight. With one quick motion she engulfs me in her mouth. After a while of laying down and being tired I said " I love you" and Mika said " I love you too" and my world was perfect.

Then like the wind he turned and saying, "I think I need to take a swim. I decided to just do what I gotta do. I found that these were grouped by subject - buildings in one, statuary and such, birds and animals, smaller objects, scenes, and people.

As the last streams began to dribble out I could hear a faint bit of maniacal laughing in the background, but I was 40-yer-old too furious to even acknowledge it. I knew you'd be brunettte than dhubby, but I didn't know it'd be that much bigger.

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Nude chubby 40-year-old brunette

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Mikajinn 1 year ago
How do you then explain the "Antikethera mechanism"? Aristarchus work survived and we know exactly how he calculated the circumference of the earth. You aren't well informed! Today the Heliocentric system bares the name of Aristarchus and not of Copernicus!
Kemi 1 year ago
Goal posts? I am exploring a variety of aspects. It could be moving goalposts if they were all part of the same discussion.
Doulrajas 1 year ago
No society has gone the way it has not in the name of Christ or any other religion, it has gone the way it has because we have progressed as a society.
Mezirg 1 year ago
I think we're talking about two different things. Typically, when people talk about the Bible as the "Inspired Word of God", they mean it in the sense that God *inspired* the authors to write what they wrote.
Teran 1 year ago
The devil doesn't need to attack. In fact, the devil doesn't attack. The church uses a scapegoat for its own evil acts.
Shakora 1 year ago
Yeah, I don't see it either.
Arakus 1 year ago
Oh yes it does.
Yozshulkis 1 year ago
Yea... not acceptable. Deleting.
Shaktimuro 1 year ago
Complete wrong answer to @Ed's argument. Nowhere did he state that your illiterate ''holy book'' DENIES the existence of vir
Zolobei 1 year ago
We aren't discussing the Iliad.
Zulukasa 1 year ago
Am I supposed to be impressed with slightly higher than inflation wage growth?
Zolozuru 1 year ago
I don't worry what people judge me by that don't know me. The people that know me and the type of person I try to be are whose opinions matter to me
Akilkree 1 year ago
Spotify is a private business. So long as they have no contract with Mr. Kelly dictating how they must provide his music, I have no problem with it. Do I think it's a slippery slope of censorship? Perhaps. But again, as a private entity, it's their prerogative to offer their service in the fashion in which they see fit. If you don't like that they are not offering the same access to Mr. Kelly's music as they are to others, then you can choose not to use their product... Ultimately, if they censor every musician who behaves similarly, I'd wager in short order they will run themselves into irrelevancy since nearly every major star has some sort of scandal surrounding themselves and they will end up having little music to offer.
Vimi 1 year ago
Okay, thank you.
Gar 1 year ago
I read the actor wanted to leave.
Shaktigrel 1 year ago
You should listen to the stuff that comes out of your mouth sometime......
Yozshurn 1 year ago
Those references have nothing to do with Genesis. Your OP asks whether PE fits the Genesis account. This destroys any credibility in the subject that you might have. Genesis is a myth, it has no relationship to reality. In a word, it is nonsense.
Guzragore 1 year ago
What makes me a chump for others? It helps others. How is that chump?
Dur 1 year ago
"In the beginning."
Dourg 1 year ago
He's so smart.
Mukasa 1 year ago
except the individual doesn't have the buying power of a large group
Zulujind 1 year ago
"you've just completely reversed yourself"
Dikasa 1 year ago
That's so not true. Harassment is harassment. That's a lie guys tell themselves.
Akinohn 1 year ago
Yes, be little robots. Conform. Don't express any individuality. Brilliant.
Mobei 1 year ago
ROFL. I choked on tea reading this Tex.
Kaktilar 1 year ago
Both S. and N. were named after named after the Lakota and Dakota Sioux Native American tribes...
Tausida 11 months ago
It certainly is part of the Abrahamic religions. Ibrahim is the Islam name for Abraham and is recognized as a prophet and messenger of god.
Douran 11 months ago
It isn't short-term change. It's constant change to fit the environment.
Mur 11 months ago
actually, it's more like, until evidence supports the claim, I will continue to think it is bogus. Just like I do for the loch ness monster
Goltiramar 11 months ago
Compromise is definitely the language of the devil. Its...slowly chipping away piece by piece. Never sell...never ever sell. :)
Nakree 11 months ago
No, now you are projecting. Forshame! It is evolutionists who need to have a meaning for everything. I'm perfectly happy saying, "God said it, I believe it, and that settles it for me." I don't care what you do with it.

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