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Fuck you mob deb

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"Not amused by deliberate obtuseness."

I learned that her drawings of her nude body were very accurate, though reversed left-to-right since she had copied it from a mirror. He had noticed it when they arrived, and was going to mention it to Maintenance, but it had feb his mind.

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Fuck you mob deb

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Zulukazahn 8 months ago
Catholicism did not coincide with the beginnings of Christianity.
Goltishura 7 months ago
Such as what?
Akinom 7 months ago
atheist dogma? What is that?
Yozshule 7 months ago
Compared to someone without a child? Yea, obviously.
Digis 7 months ago
Yeah, but "normal" will be a new normal and I'm not so sure the minions are going to care for it that much...even though they'll be better off. ;<)
Shaktigal 7 months ago
I'm glad you didn't have that experience.
Vigor 7 months ago
It is absurd. Not only does this notion of God insist on a hide and seek game, "You must simply believe without evidence", but you must also suffer for believing it. What kind of sick sadistic monster would require such cruel nonsense.
Malakree 6 months ago
I find you comment about other men w/name of Jesus, carpenters & religious
Kajizilkree 6 months ago
I agree, a relationship is still two separate people who choose to be together
Kirr 6 months ago
what the hell is he going on about? comedians?
Faezahn 6 months ago
No I'm afraid it doesn't.
Yomuro 5 months ago
Wow, the US are far behind on the democracy scale, freedom of the press scale, have a very low participation in elections, unusually high crime rates of all kinds, Still Americans think they are the best.
JoJokora 5 months ago
You are a fucking moron.
Gardalar 5 months ago
I think even for someone who doesn't believe in any bit of evolution whatsoever (which I think can easily be shown not to be the case when talking to them), they could still see such mutual relationships developing over time.
Nakasa 5 months ago
youre judged on your prose more than you understand, your writing smacks of a 5th grade education
Neramar 4 months ago
You do seem tonnage up your own interpretation for the words in the bible.
Jutaxe 4 months ago
I am lmboooooooo????????
Moogur 4 months ago
We can try!
Voodoojind 4 months ago
If I'm understanding the concept, quite possibly.
Nejin 4 months ago
sounds like that guy never passed a bar of any kind, in his life
Sajas 3 months ago
So, you wouldn't extend pro-choice rights to God? Why not?
Domi 3 months ago
Could you try to ask a question in the form of a question?

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