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"I wouldn't mind toking every now and then but the occasional drug test makes it not worth the trouble....but I view alcoholics as more dangerous than potheads, nobody is testing for alcohol use....a test needs to be created that tests recent use"

" I said it out loud so it sank in and drove home. He was the vet's dog. She whimpered and begged and frantically searched for merciful eyes.



That is until she felt the pressing taper of hardened flesh probing her taboo. Oral sex was for special occasions (Christmas or birthday) and he had only managed to have anal sex with her once in six years and that was after she had got drunk at her sisters wedding. Lee let go and let her pull it off his body, her head going to teaxs chest as she kissed his pecs and nipples while pulling the shirt off his body and dropping it to the floor, she moved up his neck and to his lips kissing him as she brought her hands to his jeans and undid the button and pulled down the fly, letting them drop to the floor too.

I was scared but tried my best to relax my muscles. "So, how'd it go?" "Um, fine," she murmurs.

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Goltishakar 1 year ago
I only made the connection to illustrate the dire predictions surrounding this topic.
Tanris 1 year ago
Nobody will carry that flame. As we have seen at the federal level.
Vigrel 1 year ago
No, PREMIERE FORD, has to clean up the mess of 16 years of SOCIALIST Blunders!
Gugal 11 months ago
Note the adjective "Christian" on all five of your entries. Talk about circular reasoning.
Zulkiktilar 11 months ago
This post is about Christianity.
Daisho 11 months ago
You are absolutely right. Unless the words are part of your life, they are
Neramar 11 months ago
What evil ideals were those? Lincoln was willing to enshrine slavery in the constitution to keep the union together. Was Lincoln evil too?
Shakalabar 11 months ago
I was 5 in 1986 so clue me in.
Malanos 11 months ago
My book is better, no my book is better, you're a liar, no your a liar... all books burn. What if they had meant those who could not read and write would follow him...Though I feel his tribal leaders had more say then will ever be admitted to, much like others, a prophet is not the same as a messenger. And they will die at the hands of a ruling body without special consideration and bent knee to the social state.
Dasida 10 months ago
So you concede your argument under the condition I don't assert that religious people are mentally ill?
Kajik 10 months ago
You may have to translate though since you speak the same language,,,
Samumi 10 months ago
Seems you never read what I gave you to read. Or did you not understand. Those things are only 18 year old and some only one day.
Digrel 10 months ago
Ad hominem fallacy, plus more falsehoods, as yet another tangential distraction. As I explicitly addressed this point in the thread you falsely claimed to have read, if yu are to be beleived in your prior claim, then you are knowingly posting falsehoods here.
Moshura 9 months ago
How do we know it?s his word?
Toll 9 months ago
I'm aware of that. It's still not relevant to the validity or soundness of their arguments.
Sarg 9 months ago
All I know of your beliefs is that they are different from mine (based on the way you try to insult my beliefs) and because you try to insult my beliefs I can assume you think they are inferior to your own because only an idiot would insult beliefs they share.
Mot 9 months ago
Wow! All that from two sentences
Kesar 8 months ago
YES, financial education while I'm semi-young and not completely drowned by bad debt.
Daizuru 8 months ago
Ask Mr Owl, he knows
Fenos 8 months ago
Don't worry. In the ensuing media frenzy while politicians talk about banning water, water sales will reach record levels.
Tekasa 8 months ago
I see no problem with my outlook. The same people that arrogantly assumed that Hillary would win and that we all better get used to saying 'Madame President' instead have to complain about Trump daily. I just think it's great. Witnessing presumptuous people act like upset children is, well, PERFECT. ;)
Mikale 8 months ago
The entire statement contradicts the rest of what you wrote. Which implies lie. You do not suggest open borders for the entire world, but only to those who cross the southern border. The Hondurans are good, the Chinese are not. Ethnic/racial discrimination. Explain your motive.
Vik 7 months ago
LMFAO, you still got that bs going? Again, tell me how come when I and 100's of thousands of others like me, were being raped by these perverted pedophile priests and pastors not once did gawd EVER answer any of our prayers to make it stop.
Mazur 7 months ago
Even if the harassment is of a religious nature, like saying that you're going to burn in hell for not conforming to gender norms?
Vumuro 7 months ago
Not proven either.
Mazuran 7 months ago
Invalid. I proved that in another post to you.
Viramar 7 months ago
The kind of evidence we see any other time there's a flood. Sedimentary, geographical evidence. None for a global flood during the time of humans.
Voodootaxe 7 months ago
Few people seem to realize how difficult it is to prosecute an employer.
Kazijora 7 months ago
Liberal vituperation at it's best.
Kat 6 months ago
LOLOLOL - I'm not quite like that but I'm not too far off.
Doull 6 months ago
I know this thread is a big old blend of satire and honest attempts and criticizing atheistic worldviews, but... in honesty and not in satire? This is pretty decidedly not true in the modern world.
Goltizilkree 6 months ago
Howa about the lack of diversity?
Pornstar inc texas

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