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"If some conscious choice was made by some entity to create an environment suitable for bacteria and this universe was the best they could come up with then I suggest that their physical powers far exceeded their imagination."

(a breif pause) really" brit said "yeah and now he hates me" "why does he hate u hun?" she said "because ( taking a deep breath) we went to a hotel on saturday. uh, erect?" I asked, curious.

Sam collapses back on the edge of the bed, half dressed, still holding his boot, staring at the door with a stunned expression. "Aahhhhhh" she moaned as she felt him go deeper, she was so tight Lee thought he might tear her skin.

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I stripped until I was naked as a jaybird before she could blink. "I forgive you for what you might do now but the past will be harder.

"Ms. She started moaning the second my toungue touched her pink hole. "What's the nearest hotel?" Kim asked as she smiled at Lee, who looked a little shocked at his sister's forwardness. He flipped on the light switch.

Looking at the face of the police officer standing in front of me, my breath is taken away. She opens her eyes warily, crying out when she sees the stranger leaning against the window sill.

Then she swirled the cum filled glass above it and began to pour. Have you ever heard the sound of a small piece of fabric ripping.

As I did, Dad pushed forward slightly, causing the head to bump first my tongue, then my lips.

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Yosida 11 months ago
"March 19, 1975, the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued the following norms in this matter: ?The Pastors of the Church have the duty and the right to be vigilant lest the faith and morals of the faithful be harmed by writings; and consequently, even to demand that the publication of writing concerning the faith and morals should be submitted to the Church?s approval, and also to condemn books and writings that attack faith or morals.? This mandate was reiterated in the 1983 Code of Canon Law, #823."
Arakree 11 months ago
I didnt say they were harmful. I said they have no right to inject themselves and their message into public schools (especially without the parents consent). The public schools funded by all of us.
Juk 10 months ago
It was not meant to back up my idea just to show you even in secular source says 90AD not 100-200 years after the fact. If you look at 7Q5 its possible we have a fragment of Mark 6:52-53 dating to sometime sooner than 68AD.
Mausida 10 months ago
I couldn?t agree more.
Vur 10 months ago
Virtual particles are not particles at all. The term refers to a disturbance in a field that is not a particle. A particle is a regular ripple in a field that travels smoothly and through space without effort, like sound waves moving through air. A ?virtual particle?, generally, is a disturbance in a field that will never be found on its own. Instead, it is caused by the presence of other particles, often of other fields. Hence virtual particles are contingent on the presence of other particles.
Zurn 10 months ago
Well, we're not exactly positing but measuring our certainty levels one way or the other. So, you're a 35-40, meaning you're 10% certain there's no intelligent creator, in this case?
Arajinn 10 months ago
That's fine, I'm not rattled. I just didn't know why you suggested hair and finger nails. Now I understand.
Daikinos 10 months ago
And that?s why we got to keep those monsters chained inside the dungeon.
Dazilkree 9 months ago
A very x-rated suggestion, completely inappropriate!
Kekazahn 9 months ago
Verse without context. i.e. cherry-picked
Virr 9 months ago
Lol and watch what you say around your phone or Alexa.
Nalkis 9 months ago
Point out WHERE I trashed the kids?
Meshura 9 months ago
not even close to 2 billion. appeal to popularity doesn't make something true. 2 billion atheists as well.
Vikus 9 months ago
Bee. You bet !
Kaganris 8 months ago
That they hated black people was not God's will. There is nowhere in the bible which instructs anyone to treat blacks they way they were treated then nor the way some few still treat them.
Zolosida 8 months ago
I wouldn't be surprised if you actually didn't know the meaning of the word "moron".
Gazuru 8 months ago
I've had crippling depression. It hurts a lot. One has to ask for help.
Fenrizshura 8 months ago
Bacon flavored coffee... I sent him an image of what to get.
Shazuru 8 months ago
Oh I really don't dispute that is was probably called Nazareth, way back when.
Nebei 7 months ago
Being born gay isn't "temptation" any more than having green eyes is "temptation".
Ketaxe 7 months ago
If you know where you're going there's a good chance you'll wind up somewhere else anyway. And that'll just be more annoying if you were aiming elsewhere. :P

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