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"Can you believe the canucks burned down a perfectly good restaurant?"

I grabbed his hands and slid it against my pussy, he stared down at it. I want you to fuck me.

Bryci - Miss B Makes You Cum Three Times

Bryci - Miss B Makes You Cum Three Times

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Meztilabar 6 months ago
The world is in darkness? As Theists love to point out, a belief in a deity is the overwhelming position in the world. So explain to me how it is that your world is in darkness again.
Negar 6 months ago
"But not because of their Catholicism"
Gardadal 6 months ago
yes, and just like mutilation of an unconsenting male victim for religious purposes, based on the parent's superstitious beliefs, permanently mutilating the body, using unsterile and ancient tools and methods (such as sucking the penis of the infant) by non medical personal in a non medical setting for a non medical procedure.
Telrajas 6 months ago
Are you still here, TJ? Sorry, there, plucked chicken. No graduation for you this year. OK, one more try. How is a HOSPITAL different than a Home for the Dying?
Kajigore 6 months ago
What's a 'closed' society?
Vudorg 6 months ago
Evidence for destruction? Date of destruction?
Akimi 5 months ago
I just want to sleep lol. It's pouring rain and it makes the perfect sleeping weather.
Kazijar 5 months ago
Culturally I am Scottish it does not make me an automatic supporter of the Church of Scotland. Sanders is a Socialist very left wing American politician.
Maulabar 5 months ago
All Menendez has to do is ask his Doctor friend who wined and dined Robert on his planes and Dominican republic destinations.
Kazrami 5 months ago
He gaved it. I was agreeing with his comment. Dude, there is simply no evidence of people living there before 70cE
Balkis 4 months ago
In this case, the baker was well known for his religious views. He would not make custom cakes for Halloween or for celebrating a divorce. He offered the couple any of the premade cakes, and offered to give them icing and applicators for free. He objected to customizing a cake that celebrated an event he was religiously opposed to. The couple had been customers for some time of his, having ordered a birthday cake at least once, and purchasing other items. This wedding cake was the only thing he had refused to do for them.
Kakinos 4 months ago
This is proof
Nikor 4 months ago
"What's the difference between a person being polite and persistent and harassment?"
Grojin 4 months ago
Untrue. Timothy McVeigh killed 150 women and children with a single truck. Over 300 were killed in Beruit. Ask veterans about trucks and the damage they do.
Yozshuzil 4 months ago
I don't legally have to pay her anything - I just want her to be alright, but I can't afford to pay the bills in 2 separate houses.
Jurg 3 months ago
There was absolutely no "abuse".
Mizragore 3 months ago
"The question now is it enforceable?"
Doum 3 months ago
As I suspected.
Arashisar 3 months ago
It's like Lego without 'ell...pure 'eaven.

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