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"It's an open forum genius."

" Mark's cock quickly responded by getting hard. Lee had always wondered why guy at school wanted to be the one to take a girls virginity, it didn't seem that important to him but after this he knew exactly why.

Group of stunning Russian schoolgirls are taught how to squirt

Group of stunning Russian schoolgirls are taught how to squirt

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Nikos obliged.

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Teen boobs videos and
Teen boobs videos and

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Gomuro 1 year ago
I carry no ones jock strap.
Vik 1 year ago
If a semi-literate moron can claim to have written The Art of the Deal, anybody can write anything.
Vushakar 1 year ago
nope you lost! God wins every time!
Tushakar 1 year ago
Oh! Is that all? In that case just cut it off. Makes perfect sense and I'm sure it doesn't hurt a bit.
Shaktishicage 1 year ago
NO, I will not "drop it".
Babar 1 year ago
Deflect all you like.
Shaktiktilar 1 year ago
"I do not like misinformation"
Fegami 1 year ago
Report of subjective experience is not evidence: by definition, evidence is something that you can show me.
Kajik 1 year ago
i think you need a computer nerd, who would appreciate what a super star you are at what you do.. and who can keep you in velvet sweat pants. and reupoulster your car when the dogs tear it up. and i know you can do it for yourself,, but a guy who loves you enought to do it for you is rare,, and you deserve a good rare one.
Kazralar 1 year ago
Oh, absolutely!! Heavens, I see it all the time here. (American politics seems to be a particularly huge offender of this.)
Visho 1 year ago
Secular Europe? You mean the Europe with all the state-established chuches, and church taxes, and church schools? I'd say on the whole, secular Europe is faring less well than secular America, which is actually secular.
Yorr 1 year ago
BULLSHIT PRICK! Nice try, back up, regroup and try again!
Faeramar 1 year ago
yeah right, mine didn't show so i e-mailed them just to get my wife and i's cards ... got a message they would get back to me in one business day .. never happenned so i e-mailed again got the same message except my message back to them this time was more blunt ... finally gave up, cards came then they finally e-mail asking stupid fking questions so i gave them a stupid fking answer
Jugami 1 year ago
No, it can not be both. Either God steps in and fixes things himself or man does it. Nothing about god working with man to fix his mess. Trying to get out of the corner you painted yourself into?
Akinok 1 year ago
Yep. I know. But we as Christians do not read the holy texts. We were warned against doing that. So we were also given the correct way to approach the holy texts. We drink it. It is like looking at the Sun with or without dark glasses. You get sore eyes or you see something.
Nezil 1 year ago
There's two reasons you can buy a Bible from Barnes and Noble today.
Metaxe 1 year ago
Like how Christians had done and would do for centuries?
Vujin 1 year ago
I agree with you based on my own personal experiences with GOD....Further I find it quite entertaining (I suppose) that Atheists are so drawn to religious sites and forums....Seeking GOD....Seeking that which they have not experienced themselves or maybe just can't relate to without any type of spiritual non-physical base from which to evolve. Doesn't matter the forum or social media platform......they come in droves....For what? To find their spiritual connection to something more than that which we can touch or feel. Science is nothing more than the study of GOD's creation. The more we peal away the package layers the more often there becomes a revelation of the absolute. It's not something I'm going to debate anymore as I've found it pointless. Not in a way or position of a deference to assisting those in need but knowing it must happen in its own course and time. Have a blessed day.
Sharg 1 year ago
I don't think we've come across a split park, actually. So we have taken our little one into a park with bigger dogs. For the most part, he doesn't care about the other dogs, he just wants to sniff. But when he's bombarded by larger dogs, that really just want to sniff and say hi, he gets defensive, so sometimes we just carry him in. We haven't had any issues.
Fenrisho 1 year ago
Saying ugly words about a faith that you know little about is an attack.
Tuzahn 1 year ago
There is no "perhaps". I am am not a stressed guy. Period.
Tojat 1 year ago
So if someone isn't an abusive *rapist*, their other abusive behaviour (emotional, psychological, sexual harassment, etc) is okay?
Kigagami 1 year ago
You are the one pandering. Because if this all was going on constantly, why was the population of the Ottoman Empire 1/3 Christian even after losing the nearly all Christian Balkans. Talking about 1900. We know from actual documents that the first 4 Caliphs, the Ummayads and even later never wanted any converts. They actively discouraged them as that cut revenue. It was not until after the Crusades that there were any sizable number of converts. Whatever you are referencing it wasn't Muhammad or the early Islam. It just isn't there. So what you are talking about from Muhammad are later accretions. Not supposed to be, admittedly, but it is still true.
Daigar 1 year ago
Mad over what? You? Come on, don't embarass yourself. Though you really should mind your business. Or, at least learn to read and follow the conversation along.
Dahn 1 year ago
Ypunhave very little knowlegde of the bible at all. You have the supposed wise men at the manger scene. Thwy weren't there at all.,if you and your religion dont even get that simple truth right how would i expect you to get a linguistic point correct? Get the pagan astromoners who werent their out of you pagan manger scene then we can talk more deeper meat of Gods word. Cast off your false manmaid traditions and learn alittle koine greek.
Zulukus 1 year ago
Lets all have a moment of silence to remember the liberals who have fallen.
Kajigor 1 year ago
Gentiles are so preoccupied with foreskins, it's hilarious. :-)
Samujar 1 year ago
This was amazeballs...
Tygogore 1 year ago
Quit bit ching. You lost. Get over it.
Kijind 1 year ago
""The most human roads of thoughts end up in fallacies""....... How right you are ! ! Er... like the scientific road of thoughts, that ended up in the discovery of antibiotics, for example ? What a stupid fallacy !
Dura 1 year ago
Better avoid Hank 3 at all cost then.
Kajijinn 1 year ago
Jesus is always with us so yes!!!!!
Nagis 1 year ago
Looks like an atheist T shirt to me. It is a take on the old fisherman's exaggeration. It shows that Jesus only loves them a little bit.
Dak 1 year ago
A giraffe, because my neck could help me reach every part of your body.
Mooguktilar 1 year ago
There must be a 'chooser' for there to be choice. The 'chooser' however turns out to be chemical reactions made of quarks popping in and out of a vacuum! At least this is what the Rishis of ancient India said (in so many words) ten thousand years ago!
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