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"I followed your link but it took me to a page that dealt with God and evolution. I didn't think that Buddhism had anything to do with God?"

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Family Therapy - Daughters Secret Diary

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Gay hairy big dick men Big dick
Gay hairy big dick men Big dick
Gay hairy big dick men Big dick

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Akinoshakar 1 year ago
lol, so objectively moral until there's too many?
Arashishakar 1 year ago
If Eden was so prefect, how did a serpent get in? Ireland has no serpents, right?
Majar 1 year ago
Then you believe some people are born gay?
Mezile 1 year ago
Read that discussion again.
Kigamuro 1 year ago
I'm pro-choice. When my GF told me she became pregnant while she was taking the pill, I was immediately terrified..... terrified. We had broken up a few weeks prior to her discovery. I wanted her to have an abortion, and she did think about it, but she decided to have our child anyway. I'm happy she decided to keep our child, and looking back, had she had an abortion, I would doubtfully know the joys of fatherhood that I have thoroughly enjoyed. That being said, I still believe abortion should be kept legal and accessible. I also believe, and I've said it here before, a dude loses his "choice" when he decides to deposit his unprotected baby goo inside a woman's baby maker. Your body, your choice ladies.
Mazubar 1 year ago
I would prefer a system where threatening children that they may be tortured for an eternity if they do not obey the rules of a specific god, is not condoned.
Akinozragore 1 year ago
Excuse me? I believe that he makes some interesting points. That's my opinion. Feel free to disagree, even vehemently, but I'd appreciate it if you'd refrain from simply dismissing my opinion simply because you disagree. Is this an open and honest conversation, or an echo-chamber?
Sagore 1 year ago
I'll dumb it down. How do atheists define the supernatural and who are the atheists who define the supernatural in this way?
Kazikazahn 1 year ago
Great comment, thank you.
Grosida 1 year ago
Hey, we haven't all heard, How was teh party weekend with the Tart, the Floozy, and the Hussy this weekend? Or was it this weekend, I'm a little confused.
Brataxe 1 year ago
When the 9 of the 10 hottest years on record are within the past 13 years, and all 10 are within the past 20, and the last 5 years represent a streak within the top 10, don't you think that is indicative of more than "temperature swings"?
Voodooramar 1 year ago
and you're not a fucking lawyer so pipe down and take a number and shut up.
Faenris 1 year ago
Will he bring pg13 with him tho?
Mezizilkree 1 year ago
His baseball playing brother Trayce got picked off against the Redsox at 2nd base trying to slide back. It is running in the family tonite I guess.
Neshakar 1 year ago
No logic, no proof, no evidence, just childish epithets. That is all you have. Please grow up. Or go back to the first grade or pre-k. LOL!
Keshura 1 year ago
My kid would go to school and tell every kid that there is no Santa. So in order for him to get along I did not tell him. If your kids can know and not ruin it for others then great. Kind of like on here. Tell people their god doesn't exist and they want to shoot the messenger. Same with Santa. It was a tough decision for me. But the kid gets a lot of presents so it is in his best interests. Santa delivers Xboxes. That is when the whole thing worked against me.
Gay hairy big dick men Big dick

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