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"that it does. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" On the baker's side is the second part. The Civil Rights Commision, by trying to force the baker to be held liable for his refusal, they are prohibiting his free excercise of religion."

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Chicago bliss ellie cartabiano shows ass

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Meztitaur 6 months ago
In bizarro world.
Mir 6 months ago
Yes, you are. Because you want to undo discrimination laws.
Kazrami 6 months ago
first thought and it is a bad one...Not good.... I think you just got friend listed...
Akidal 5 months ago
I can't date you because you entirely miss the point far too often.
Zusho 5 months ago
Is that lying fraud Warren still trying to pass herself off as an indian?
Mazumuro 5 months ago
For the second time
Kazrasho 5 months ago
I disagree. They may not all be equal in power or effectiveness or job description but they all have powers beyond ours or our understanding. Some create, some destroy utterly. Some are just beyond our ability to define them. But they all answer to the title god because they have what we can only call "god like" qualities. Same abilities maybe scattered thin among them. The concept is there. We/they call him/her/it god. Whatever his job or rank or ability. .
Mezirn 5 months ago
There must be more than this.
Sakus 5 months ago
Demonic possession has a widespread historical consensus among people far more observant that today's ideologues.
Tuktilar 5 months ago
You are concerning yourself with nonsense rabbit holes and then trying to argue why your choice of rabbit hole is better than any other. But why go down holes that are obviously rabbit holes? When you go on about what must have created the cosmos that created the cosmos that created the cosmos .... you may as well go on a fool's errand to seek the largest or smallest possible number. Whatever our cosmos and any source for it may have come from, it is manifest that it and we abide, here and now.
Maura 4 months ago
"Operations done in hospitals" have a mark of official sanction. Having to find a clinic that will operate on your kid I think will go a long way to eliminating the procedure as a cosmetic choice.
Dourn 4 months ago
Atreyu's sexy ass was where it was at ok..
Ganos 4 months ago
I admit to being totally ignorant about the things that you are inventing in your head as we speak.
Vohn 4 months ago
Why would it be hard to give a 99% certainty?
Doran 4 months ago
Bad law. One that doesn't withstand review in the end as it interferes with property rights as well as the rights of the private entities to do as they will as long as no harm is caused to others.
Arashilrajas 4 months ago
Other people besides white people abort fetuses.
Mooguzuru 3 months ago
Oh yeah, ?the Savior? was predicted in the OT. Problem. ??
Mazugami 3 months ago
Who is keeping religion in check? Last time I

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