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"Well, if its his heart that's bad who's to know? I don't think it is...just because he has things. It says contentment. Spirit, soul, then body. God cares about all, things fall in the temporal."

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Worlds hardest cock hero / pmv 2 part 2 WHPMV / CH knightdz / djdz

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Kajikazahn 1 year ago
What is faith?
Telar 1 year ago
A need, I can't see a god needing anything.
Yotaxe 1 year ago
Why when there is no evidence for it?
Tojarn 1 year ago
so, god doesn't hold the door open for men?
Gardajora 1 year ago
You can choose to accept Zeus. I don't accept your deity, probably for the same reason you don't accept Zeus.
Vudolmaran 1 year ago
Hear hear! No shoes, no shirt, no service never went to court.
Dazuru 1 year ago
So it's just a metaphor for something?
Duramar 1 year ago
The bible does say the universe or earth are 6000 years old, it only says Adam & Eve were created then, which we do have evidence for. Jews and Christians falsely extrapolated a 6000 year old universe based on a misinterpretation
Mishicage 1 year ago
It?s easy to prove the wind.
Tauzuru 1 year ago
I agree with Ralph Peters. I call him a patriot. He speaks reality and the truth. I hope the media shows more of him.
Gujar 1 year ago
Logical ! ?? ?? ??
Netaxe 1 year ago
Amazing how I Christians are regarded judgemental.
Fenrigar 1 year ago
Yes, if you exist and do not fully buy into the gay indoctrination agenda, you are appalling and are to blame for the suicides.
Gardajas 1 year ago
I'm more than capable of moving well beyond "chemicals", the problem is your argument is that emotions, or in this case, love is nothing more than a bio-chemical reaction.
Vudotilar 1 year ago
I understand that I've been the handyperson for my mom for a while; not that she doesn't want to do the things but isn't physically able to do things like go into the crawl space under the house.
Kajigal 1 year ago
There aren't any laws saying one has to violate their religion to take part in a wedding. Who was forced to attend a wedding?
Sajora 1 year ago
Well he is a liberal arts professor
Arashizragore 1 year ago
""There is nothing in the Bible that is false"".....
Tunos 1 year ago
I don't know Hebrew, but I think that the verse refers to the earth-element, not to the Earth planet. It is a common idea in many traditions that elements existed before and beyond forms.
Migore 1 year ago
How well are you familiar with it? Prophet Muhammad killed, banished or enslaved every man and woman who refused to submit to Islam.
Nebar 1 year ago
no i wouldn't prefer anything
Zurisar 1 year ago
To be clear, I was not defending Rampo. I was defending my man Epicurus from your egregious slander. ;)
Mazunos 1 year ago
You are attempting to call me uneducated? That is quite funny ;)
Voodoojora 1 year ago
Which was before they started importing the enemy. Get up to speed.
Galmaran 1 year ago
Yeah, IDK this is a pretty cool channel though. I was just reading through it. I will recommend and follow.
Grotaxe 1 year ago
I predict Thomas will retire before RBG. Clinton losing will ensure Ginsberg holds her position until she dies.
Nakree 1 year ago
Yes, Strange : What is the point of debating whether the world has one meaning oR another ?
Gataxe 1 year ago
You might remember Gregory Charles the convicted rapist from Missouri.
Zolozshura 1 year ago
I'd contend that if god created everything, it sure took great pains to hide that it did. Perhaps god doesn't wish to be worshiped.
Zulkill 11 months ago
So when you say "Ask me anything", you don't really mean anything.
Samumi 11 months ago
Are you denying Ibn Kathir is a reliable scholar? It seems there are none, beside yourself:)

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