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"Ah but we are not believing in imaginary things at all. No one can prove God doesn't exist and I see proof of His existence all around. Many Christians I know had a long time as non Christians, yet still made that decision later on in life that He is real and that they wanted to follow Him. They kept an open mind."

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Granny lesbian sex pics
Granny lesbian sex pics

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Kagazshura 10 months ago
False. God doesn't kill babies with menengitis or anything else.
Malar 10 months ago
Dami 10 months ago
Oh my bad, I thought you 2 were an exclusive thing.
Bagore 9 months ago
I would agree with the OP, overall. It's not about 'gun violence' as the only violence being expressed among our neighbors and citizens. It's about the violent natures of one's personal demons, perhaps, supported by those who have demons of their own.
Netaur 9 months ago
Awesome!! Go girl!!
Tam 9 months ago
BAnd that cake is being denied because of the design of a cake. A wedding cake can be used for a wedding no matter any civil rights protected quality of the customers.
Narg 9 months ago
Not a hard thing, when there exists a community of believers eager to see them fulfilled and eager to interpret even the most vague ones in ways that connect them to actual historical events.
Tygogrel 9 months ago
But she's not racist. She just wanted to make fun of a woman's looks. That's all. /s
Vigal 9 months ago
So you really have no clue so you just throw out a bunch of gobbledygook? Well ok then
Doujin 8 months ago
Your eye is misdirected. It"s about the forum. Believers have forums where values, empathies, and purposes are inspired and assimilated that can tend to sustain a decent civilization. Atheists have dope houses, porn parlors, child trafficking and grooming centers, and no assimilating sense of social responsibility whatsoever. Except, that is, to make a goat of Whitey, ridicule Christians, undermine families, and vote to put stooges for oligarchic despots in power so they can farm the speople while making phony balogny promises of free stuff and redistribution to fellow gangstas.
Tegore 8 months ago
HAHAHAHAHAH!!! Good luck with that Blue wave in November, Democrat (Socialists).
Yotaxe 8 months ago
I hope they continue the impeachment talk. That?s the best way to guarantee that that incoming wave changes to red ;)
Nigal 8 months ago
Again, (1) if there is no Creator, then there is no gripe; or (2) if there is a Creator, it is an idiot.
Voodoozilkree 7 months ago
We should base our laws upon the laws of the immutable and almighty God.
Douramar 7 months ago
Because you are basing your definition on a belief.
Arashikasa 7 months ago
If you lost money in a robbery or felt pain in an absent limb I would believe you without evidence because they are likely to be true. If you tell me that the entire universe was created by an invisible being using a variation of magic I would require more than a book of old fables.
Gardataur 7 months ago
False. Again, you do not know all of the evidence.
Zulkikus 6 months ago
Gibbs - some times it is best to let others resolve their own problems - lesson learned
Doutilar 6 months ago
I do understand we need a work life to pay for our home life (mostly, unless you are wealthy already). I believe it may not be as easy as some thinks to drop a good job and find another. Nor is it easy to drop a SO and find another. I would not set someone else's priorities for them, as in work life vs home life and where is there balance, do what you do. But you/her may need to be with someone with similar priorities.
Felrajas 6 months ago
I'd say you are in your rights to tel him you are leaving. But if you want to try and salvage this, its going to take a lot. and that its going to take a major change on his part. An emotional affair is the same as cheating in my book. He's lost any expectation of trust, and it will take years before he should expect to get it back.
Mezishakar 6 months ago
I would much rather hear that story than the one where he cleaned his oven.
Kazrataxe 5 months ago
That has yet to be decided. Plenty of verbiage in the decisions point to the idea that private individuals and businesses do have rights too, even if they run a public business.
Taudal 5 months ago
All free citizens were free to join the very lucrative merchant trade. Many slaves were taken along. Many would have agreed to a period of indentured servitude to be part of the lucrative merchant trade.
Samulmaran 5 months ago
yes and no - you've been here for a while mate, I am sure there are people here you know enough to feel safe meeting.
Fezilkree 5 months ago
nah, just look in the mirror, and reflect on our life, and do this every day for a minute or two, and you will discover it's you that has been immoral, is currently immoral, and will continue to be immoral.
Zulugar 5 months ago
Do you think that using public funds to provide health care is immoral?
Shaktizil 5 months ago
The best line in the OP is "The result is some 13.8 billion years for the universe and 4.56 billion for earth. It is a complex calculation, well beyond the reach of most of us."
Kazitilar 5 months ago
Protecting defenseless children from the dangerous mind pollution of religion should be the highest priority of humanity.
Talrajas 5 months ago
AH, I get it now, haha. No worries

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