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"What is the distinction between faith and dogma? Who cares they are both completely worthless."

Dad noticed. We were always on a team, and nine and a half times out of ten, we found a way to win. Lee's eyes followed her hands as she threw the bra across the room and laid back on the bed her head barely touching the pillows.

Cute young teen is seduced by her teacher and joins a threesome

Cute young teen is seduced by her teacher and joins a threesome

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Short chubby amateur videos

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Zulujind 9 months ago
It did, but there was a significant time lag. They had really crappy internet reception in those days.
Kazirg 8 months ago
And I ask: how would your take on this change if Jesus was shown to be only a myth?
Zulkigrel 8 months ago
"it wasn?t just Christians" I assume you mean in the past tense. Well, how do we draw lines? I guess Corporate patent laws have influenced anti-Christian thinkers widely. The Greeks and Arabs established their patents on addition and Arabic numerals, so the Christians have only "helped" science.
Gardale 8 months ago
So no more if this:
Dozragore 8 months ago
A 'god' can be - is imaginary; however, "God" is not.
Shazilkree 8 months ago
God commanded a specific people be expelled from the Holy Land as a judgment for their sins. You misunderstand the nature of Biblical authority. It is timelessly true that there were stipulations associated with the Israelite theocracy. God has from all eternity had a plan of redemption that involved the theocracy. He simply did not intend that theocracy to be eternal but to be a precursor to Christ. This is the main lesson of the New Testament book of Hebrews.
Zulkilrajas 8 months ago
there's another reason to ditch the OT. People like you actually think slavery is ok. That's just f'd up
Nirg 7 months ago
boy o? really? brave? is that your ridiculous angle? what's there to be brave about? LOL
Sagor 7 months ago
I can agree with that Look at his list. It is impressive.
Tujar 7 months ago
Yea, see, we were talking about religious people who say they hate porn...and watch it.
Brajora 7 months ago
Christ died as a scapegoat. Not a martyr. He was sent specifically to die. He didn't choose it. His destiny was to die because God sent him to die.
Tojale 7 months ago
Judaism, christianity and islam have the unwritten, but obviously fundamental position, that no other religion or non religion can exist.
Mezahn 6 months ago
Not to mention the daily dosings of how to mangle people seen daily on their 60" screens.
Zulkit 6 months ago
some people are neurotic. *shrugs

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