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"Sweetie. Let me explain again: There was no 'Latin nationalism' that caused the split in the Empire. Your silly assertion is a result of black and white thinking. No civilization collapses and then rebuilds for one reason and one reason only. While nationalism is a good guess (because let's face it: there's always nationalism), it was hardly the primary or deciding factor. Religion, politics, language and natural geographical barriers also played a big part in the separation of the Eastern and Western divisions. To put it bluntly: everyone would have been better off if Constantine had drowned in the Tiber River."

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I am going to make you squirt

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Totaur 1 year ago
ya some newborn babies I've seen definitely need to be drowned!
Gugrel 1 year ago
"To which your response was "Yea well Islam is bad so they will do it differently", which is just mere islamophobic nonsense"
Tugar 1 year ago
Regardless, i feel like we gone way far off on a tangent from the original topic... That said i think you got some good points to be made, but alot of your arguments would be much stronger if you abandoned some preconceived notions...
Doujar 1 year ago
No, you do not. That is desperate and dishonest creationist nonsense. DNA proves evolution, so it needs to go.
Malazuru 1 year ago
I think the distinction between "literal" and "figurative" (as asked) can be a false dichotomy.
Meztizahn 11 months ago
Technically yes. But you could also be aborting Kayleigh-Sue-Ann that will be on welfare her entire life.
JoJodal 11 months ago
2) Labor unions destroyed themselves that is why GM and Chrysler were bankrupt
Tugar 11 months ago
Melli, is there a reason you choose to act like this?
Shaktirr 11 months ago
It is written, "by the word of the Lord were all the heavens made and all the hosts of them by the breath of his mouth."
Yozshudal 11 months ago
LOL, That article describes what happens when females who doesn't want children or are unable to care for the children she is forced to have them.
Vudogul 10 months ago
The issue is you don't understand the absurdity of the claims being made.
Nemuro 10 months ago
Haters gonna hate
Malasida 10 months ago
"So actual Christians don't give Trump a 'Mulligan'?"
Douran 10 months ago
Well, of course it is. Wow. You have no choice unless you can chose NOT to do something. You can choose where not to live, what not to say, what not to read, etc. You CAN discriminate against newspapers you don't like, churches you don't want to attend, people you don't want to marry. You can discriminate against stores you don't want to shop in, politicians you don't want to vote for. I could go on all day, obviously.
Akinojinn 10 months ago
Darnit, I did.
Shakazilkree 10 months ago
It's not an STD if you can pick off the scab.
JoJorg 10 months ago
What never happened cannot be "speeded up."
Kashicage 10 months ago
How about "nasty" does that exist?
Kikree 9 months ago
That format sounds fine. We can do whatever timeframe you prefer (just not before Friday). I prefer to remain anonymous, so if we can figure out a disqus option, that would be best. But if not, my email I link to disqus isn't one that identifies me. Let me know.
Dole 9 months ago
Someoen suggested the GF basically got off on humiliating the guy. Might be true. She may very well decide she wants to get even more of a thrill by having her new thing glaze her unwilling boyfriends donut.
Mazukora 9 months ago
A race is a grouping of humans based on shared physical or social qualities into categories generally viewed as distinct by society. First used to refer to speakers of a common language and then to denote national affiliations, by the 17th century the term race began to refer to physical (phenotypical) traits. Modern scholarship regards race as a social construct, that is, a symbolic identity created to establish some cultural meaning. While partially based on physical similarities within groups, race is not an inherent physical or biological quality.[1][2]
JoJokora 9 months ago
You must be in your very late 80s, Ten and a Tanner...good for you...what's it like, if you don't mind me asking?
Vudorisar 9 months ago
Um, this is Canada. That narrative doesn't fit your nonsense does it.
Brazragore 9 months ago
Sure, let's use your scale (not the scale in the OP).
Nikoshicage 8 months ago
One is a choice of the order of magnitude of the destruction.
Vijin 8 months ago
I hate when my dream self is in his underwear or is naked and nobody seems to notice.
Dikasa 8 months ago
The hole in the heart is incurable. It cannot be filled by wine, women or song. It cannot be filled by any salvation story, or any man made god. The hole in the heart is part and parcel of the egoic condition.
Zululrajas 8 months ago
The office shredders will be working overtime, too.
Kagashakar 7 months ago
You've done nothing of the sort.
Brajora 7 months ago
Religion is a human construct. You choose to believe ancient cult leaders. It seems you think that you have some "belief". It was not made rationally yet you want to argue rationally.
Kigarr 7 months ago
making the poem the National Anthem is glorifying war and/or death.
Maujind 7 months ago
Obama would blow away all competitors.
Bajind 7 months ago
What fukin real American wants a dynasty running the country R U insane.. I guess the same one that treats political parties like a a football team, with colors, themes and all... I liked it better when you rednecks were busy hating people.
Dougore 6 months ago
I see your point here
Akitilar 6 months ago
No I don't know a lot of Switzerland. But I do know that 40% of the people there are not religious. That might not mean they are atheist. But they don't participate in the holy crap you referred to.
Black jack poker strip strip

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