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The hairy ape questions Hairy

The hairy ape questions Hairy
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"Yes. The free market has served well in Sweden:"

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The hairy ape questions Hairy
The hairy ape questions Hairy

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Vudosida 11 months ago
It would be creating art endorsing something you are firmly against. It would be the same if someone wanted me to sculpt a bust of David Duke or create some sort of abstract painting with men in bedsheets and little swastikas. You can't (and shouldn't try too) compel someone to create art that they disagree with, anymore than I can force you to come into my place of business.
Mesho 11 months ago
that's pretty simplistic. the region lost a major source of trade once europeans took to the oceans. it became fragmented politically and religiously with the loss of the caliph.
Mile 11 months ago
I plan on seeing it in theaters. I honestly don't get all the nasty reviews. It's a star wars movie! Do you expect deep and subtle plot like Casablanca? It's not like every single movie has to be perfect. People are getting bent because it's not as good as Empire. Kinda like downvoting a DaVinci painting because it's not quite like the Mona Lisa.
Nagrel 11 months ago
Why would any government settle refugees in one city only? They would not have the right range of skills or understanding. They would then not learn the language or skills of modernity as defined by that country. They likely couldn?t even implement Sharia due to a lack of trained qadis who know and under the logic of Sharia law or know the intracies of the law. Nor would such a city have the technical skills for water, sewage, electricity, or the skills such as instruction, medicine, engineering. In short such a city would no longer be a modern city but rather a very large refugee camp. And how would one convince a populated city to leave in total except to force an evacuation. One could simply cause them to camp on empty land and thus create a new city, but that would be a refugee camp. No, the only way is to distribute them across the country averaging less than 2% in any place which means they are no threat and do become assimilated, just for survival. To suggest anything else is to create a population unable to cope with the modern world and ordinary expectations.
Dim 10 months ago
Payback do the same thing to him.His lost the right to ever question you again!!!
Dazragore 10 months ago
The $300 sounds like a deposit to me. It's all going to depend on what the contract states. without the exact contract language, I can't take sides.
Zugul 10 months ago
Dude, he's already got a half dozen guilty pleas!! Again, factually incorrect.
Brazil 10 months ago
Damn good question. But since we're doing medical issues now, I'm going to do an OP question on knee surgery. Not sure the correct way to go on this.
Dizilkree 10 months ago
Alan Bullock, Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives, Fontana Press 1993, p. 412.: Bullock notes Hitler's use of rhetoric of "Providence" but concludes that Hitler, Stalin and Napoleon all shared the same materialist outlook "based on the nineteenth century rationalists' certainty that the progress of science would destroy all myths and had already proved Christian doctrine to be an absurdity"
Gardagrel 9 months ago
Iran repudiates nukes, declares their possession a grave sin against Islam, and calls for the Middle East to be a nuke-free zone.
JoJozragore 9 months ago
You seem to be interested in our conversation about wrestling. You bored like that too?
Kajigis 9 months ago
Me thinks you should look at some recent American political history. How do you think the ACA was passed? ... by a super majority of Democrats in Congress without one Republican vote. How do you think that the trillion dollar fiasco for "shovel ready jobs" was passed? During the last two years of the Younger Bush administration, Congress was totally controlled by a veto-proof Democratic Congress. They passed all the spending bills... etc., etc, etc.,
Kazigor 9 months ago
UNLESS that person or persons insists upon bringing it out in the open for all to see. The homosexuals claim that they only want to be left alone, but then they do the opposite, insisting that we all validate, participate, and celebrate their sickness.
Vimuro 9 months ago
Nah. Bots use algorithms, which allow them to write complete sentences, even if those sentences are not coherent.
Tusho 9 months ago
As long as the Christians and Jews spew it? As long as they are around? They will keep putting the lies and fairy tales out. Yet there is hope. As the population of believers age and get older and die off, and as the rise of the Nones keep growing, especially with young people, teens and kids? Then eventually the scales will be tipped in favor of intelligence and fact and truth and not bronze age stupid fairy tales. We may have to wait three or four more generations, but if it keeps going the way it is? Then we should be seeing all these psycho religions relegated to the ash heap bin of history as they should be.
Vogor 8 months ago
who who who
Fezragore 8 months ago
Its removing a portion of someone's body without their consent for no real purpose other than religious purpose. The health benefits are nominal at best, and there are risks associated with it.
Mikakora 8 months ago
Waiting for the 11th like...
Goltidal 8 months ago
Talk to someone else now.
Voodoolar 8 months ago
Either that or an intentionally-spread lie by the leprechauns. Have you read Artemis Fowl?
Kazragal 8 months ago
You alone don't count.
Fenrikasa 8 months ago
Being small in number doesn't decrease the likelihood of getting blamed foe something; it increases it. Romans certainly did notice several striking differences between Christians and Jews:
Goltilar 7 months ago
what specific scientific studies would you suggest ?
Vigul 7 months ago
It's a prediction, and it's a reasonable one based on the evidence. I have evidence, you have gremlins and moronic political pot shots.
Tojasho 7 months ago
got my pool float ready for warm weather!
Mojinn 7 months ago
I've met (online) some crazies who debunk your comment on a daily basis.
Gardazil 7 months ago
Again, yes it is. As upheld by the Supreme Court multiple times in the past.
Kigamuro 7 months ago
oh that is just one media type doing the old "do something wrong to get out of a contract trick" and still get paid. She will do a few months penance and be back to a new contract or tour. I think it is a class that they have to pass to become certified to perform in Hollywood or NY.
Dukus 6 months ago
They need to find a new job.
Vuzilkree 6 months ago
The Smithsonian Institute? This institute that hides everything that do not match to "the evolution progress"?
Arashizilkree 6 months ago
You clearly know nothing about polling, electoral trends or the history of Ontario in regards to their provincial vs. federal voting. But grip those pompoms tight, GCTDVD, and spin away.
Gardashicage 6 months ago
No one that worship Yahweh is fit to judge morality of any one on this planet. Nearly all other gods same. One is to marvel how can be believers moral at all. Only response can be is that they do not follow at all their gods and prophets.
Zulkirg 5 months ago
In a digital age there need not be any leader. Everyone could speak for themselves.
Nill 5 months ago
I suggest you use lots of lube. I've heard it prevents chafing. Your hand will probably stay soft too.
Kigasida 5 months ago
I do not know. Yeah, I recognize your attempt to trap me. God's thoughts and ways are higher than mine, and He has not revealed to us the origin of evil, other than to say it came from the heart of Satan.

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