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Dick carter delaware legislature

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Dick carter delaware legislature
Dick carter delaware legislature

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Gurn 10 months ago
*can?t resist the reverse psychology happening* urgh. ;P
Dagul 10 months ago
i understand the voting rational, but it was the basis for those values that i was criticizing
Faujind 10 months ago
Depends where you are. $400 <8 weeks for my pro--choice state is about right. 15 weeks in Mississippi might run you a G.
Molkis 10 months ago
I agree. And I also agree that this has been a problem since before Trump, Obama or Bush.
Faudal 10 months ago
When you start off with wrong assumptions, like "I'm sure there is no God", the only direction you can go is the wrong one
Brale 10 months ago
it is but not as old as believers think. The historical evidence is quite conclusive
Fetaxe 10 months ago
This thread is over, we can move along now.
Zukora 9 months ago
How would you ever quantify racism held completely within the mind and never outwardly expressed? How would you ever hear of it?
Shaktibei 9 months ago
Christians were an important and influential minority by 325 CE. So going with them was going with the future.
Merisar 9 months ago
Thanks... so your little man is a wittle bitty tiny grouch pot?? Awe.. bless his heart daddy! Him had a long, hard day! Why don?t you watch a video with him or something?
Tautaxe 9 months ago
The Quiet Place got me in thefeels a couple times.
Vorn 9 months ago
The philosophy has no positive net affect on human behavior. Statistics show that the teachings do not lower crime like murder or theft. Statistics show that the Christian philosophy does not lead to less war.
Fegami 9 months ago
Were you making a similar accusation against the MSM during the Obama years? That, at least, would have been accurate.
Grobei 8 months ago
Curious. What do you suppose to have more weight than emotion?
Dick carter delaware legislature

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