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Gay couple attacked in saint lucia Gay

Gay couple attacked in saint lucia Gay
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"You mean 100% compliance with the actual law? Why do you think presidents should ignore laws passed by congress and signed by a former democrat president?"

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step sister walked in on

step sister walked in on

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Gay couple attacked in saint lucia Gay
Gay couple attacked in saint lucia Gay

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Mutaxe 1 year ago
Ha ha ha!
Dijind 11 months ago
When my daughter asks why I say no, I explain why. Rarely did or does she ever ask why a second time. If she did, my second answer was, and is, "Ok, because I said no. How's that for my final answer?"
Vukus 11 months ago
Less red tape sure is. We KNOW it isn't a liberal trait with Turdeau and his police state attestation and the queen at Queens and her endless red tape.
Dushura 11 months ago
Yeah more accusations have just come out. A really disgusting one in the Washington Post about women being held hostage in the studio unable to even use the restroom without his permission. A staffer took pictures of cups of urine left behind in the room.
Faujin 11 months ago
It ain?t the Russians, they pay the other side.
Dozil 10 months ago
lololol - that guy was fired a long while back
Juzil 10 months ago
The CBO found that only 19% of the income gains that would come from an increase of the minimum wage to $10.10 would go to households below the poverty line, and the workforce would become smaller to the amount equivalent to 500,000 workers as employers found large numbers of Americans unemployable at the higher wage floor.
Akilmaran 10 months ago
Sorry, are you stupid, or obstinate??? The issue is not religion, don't be an ass.
Shaktijin 10 months ago
Why can't we all be together?
Faehn 10 months ago
LMAO . Yesss! But the Party Line you could add a whole bunch of people or do the chat thing. It was like online dating but on the phone. I only remember it because my bestie & this neighborhood boy named Cullen called it and racked up like a 400 dollar phone bill LOL.
Gardazil 9 months ago
Okay, that got a chuckle.
Tuzragore 9 months ago
Im tired of bron extending his arm....
Yobar 9 months ago
Thank God. Ops i'm on pension. Every day is Friday.
Volabar 9 months ago
That's a really good answer. You have an impressive awareness of your own cognition.
Kazrakasa 9 months ago
That's just our good neighbours rubbing off on us.

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