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""But hasbara has become in recent years the new Jewish religion and a"

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Low draw weight arrow penetration

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Mirn 1 year ago
Is this the 4th or 5th sign of the Apocalypse?
Kijar 1 year ago
Ok. So my road is Created already? Good. Not much difference. He still created and is still Creator. Doing what He does Good to our benefit.
Shaktizragore 1 year ago
Seems wrong lol
Terisar 1 year ago
Yeppers to the Peppers
Taull 1 year ago
Oh, this is a good OP.
Taurisar 1 year ago
ok, but the questions posed lead one straight to the garden path of....abortion
Mazull 1 year ago
Which I'm sure you will be more than happy to reference here...
Mulkree 1 year ago
You are defending maxine waters? The oppressor?
Gumi 1 year ago
I had to use the heat on Monday. Never done that in June, ever in my life.
Nirisar 1 year ago
I would also like to see income level and quality of life for the area. Many low income and naive will look at pregnancy as an escape. Education will not change that.
Akinoshakar 1 year ago
Demons are real. I have seen, heard and felt their touch. In 1986 after 'The Spirit' came upon me, for days I could hear their voice(s) crying out, "Come back to us!" At no time do I believe I was 'demon-possessed' but apparently I had several who were 'influencing' me for many years. I believe demonic entities attempt to 'influence' everyone on this planet but generally they seem to 'attack' individuals who pose to them a threat or make themselves 'vulnerable' by overindulging in sin and other 'questionable practices.'
Gugor 1 year ago
Art is about expression.. like the smirk on the Mona Lisa- what?s that all about..only the artist truly knows
Kazrazuru 1 year ago
Very talented musician.
Goltirn 1 year ago
If you didn't actually understand what I mean and want a more en depth answer, say so.
Nahn 1 year ago
You don't have a sense of humour? Guess I should have expected it.
Tam 1 year ago
He did not. Typical liberal lie.
Yobar 1 year ago
Let me know when you say something smart
Zura 1 year ago
We have the same thing going on in the airlines now, with people bringing their own food on the plane.
Mezizshura 1 year ago
So what about the other 80% who aren't?
Zulkizil 1 year ago
I did mention the dinosaurs died in a mass extinction 65,000,020 years ago, instead of the assumed 65,000,000 years. That is definitely more recent history.
Tat 1 year ago
Up his meds, get this moving.
Dall 1 year ago
There is a human quest to believe in some intangibles. No one has yet found a culture without some kind of 'religion.'
Tabei 1 year ago
Your premise, that prayer is useless, is untrue, as has been shown by medical studies:
Fenrimuro 1 year ago
It is almost as though Spirit said to itself, what would it be like to be separate from our Source, and Bang, a whole world of separation and atomization occured.And the logic of that thought created a world of unreality.
Magor 11 months ago
I?d sign up myself IF there was one like that! ??
Jukasa 11 months ago
Good Night Kitt! ??????
Daik 11 months ago
Considering 4 teenagers, my rented truck and some beer
Mikalabar 11 months ago
Really? How much time do you have in LE? How much time do you have chasing down violent, repeat offenders? I'm coming up on 25 years in law enforcement, myself. For the last 20 years, I've been serving high risk warrants for fugitives. I know all about the FBI data. Data can be skewed to say practically anything. I'll take my anecdotal data and that of several hundred others in LE that I'm personally acquainted with across many different counties and states, to say nothing of those that I've worked with overseas, over your opinion.
Fezil 11 months ago
LOL, so still no examples.
Kagaramar 11 months ago
I didn?t ask for it to be explained. I asked if he would like to make an argument.

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