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Rough anal amateurs

Rough anal amateurs
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"you have made the same claims every religion does. That's the point. There is nothing special. You only think there is"

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Rough anal amateurs

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Bajin 7 months ago
sadly, there are times when you know some people aren't worth making the effort for, and you're one of them.
Nikor 7 months ago
I'm looking forward to reading your article refuting Hawking's statement and finally explaining to the academic world what science is and does.
Faubar 7 months ago
This beauty is out in the burbs, and $950K. Obviously overpriced. But I think it was on a "large" lot - 11,000 sq ft.
Kazikasa 7 months ago
i thought there used to be a "you have been blocked" notification that would show ,when you were blocked.. at least there used to be.. wasnt there?
Samujas 6 months ago
That is some weird science. For your next trick, can you pull a dog out of a turtles' ass?
Yozshukus 6 months ago
It is what evidence has found. The scientific community overrules your pathetic attempts at refuting evolution.
Goshura 6 months ago
Thanks for the advice! I need to find some friendly big dogs around me.
Nazilkree 6 months ago
Funny you mention Mike Licona. Have you seen his debate with Matt Dillahunty on the resurrection? He tries to use anecdotes of paranormal events as evidence for the resurrection. He assumes if the supernatural is real then the resurrection is real. That's not good evidence.
Bakora 5 months ago
What evidence do you need to conclude that anything contingent must have a cause for its existence? What do you think contingent means?
Kazijas 5 months ago
I did, in the OP. My father, a Christian minister, did not view the Bible as all good.
Tegrel 5 months ago
How long before the first claim that Sweden is the rape capital of Europe?
Gugor 5 months ago
"thot" is definitely another one I can understand or stand for that matter.
Shakalmaran 4 months ago
Far from being fact. ?most physicists do not interpret their findings and inferences as evidence of a creator.? The evidence Isn?t limited to physics, but you also cannot define what ?most scientists? do or don?t believe in terms of a creator. In fact, ?most scientist? believe in God so that ought to show you that scientific findings and interferences typically do not say anything about a creator one way or another. The theories in the PP are speciafically related to science that does suggest a creator and the even addresses the theories that suggest ?no god? as not plausible. The ?problem of a beginning? must be confronted by science. And ?God? is a very rational and reasonble explaination for that beginning.
Akinogor 4 months ago
Lol it is the domestic consumers that buy products in the US market that are either foreign made because they are better and/or cheaper than US made products. So the US consumers decide what to buy, this choice is being manipulated.
Kirg 4 months ago
Not disingenuous. I point to one side because its that side that pulls the country toward the welfare state you love. Further left, further toward the authoritarian country you lust after.
Zulkira 4 months ago
Your medicare payments don't come close to what private insurance for a medicare-aged individual would be in 2018. Therefore, you're subsidized. It's not rocket science. The longer you live, the more heavily you will be subsidized.
Dujar 4 months ago
I've never seen a baker plate the slices of cake. Typically that is up to the hosts/servers of the venue.
Gardajar 4 months ago
They most certainly do not.
Bakora 4 months ago
It is written about in the Bible. He asked for help from the Living God and received it.
Dairg 3 months ago
An entire control of a state or country by the government is anti Christian.
Dajinn 3 months ago
Actually, one represses previous experiences. And childhood memories are not dependable.
Jujas 3 months ago
Of course, it's a two-way street. Christianity had to (slowly) develop its own theology as it more and more separated itself from Judaism.
Masho 3 months ago
I'd rather it be a warming than a cooling
Kajin 3 months ago
?? What do you mean by falsifiable? Are you sure that is the right word because ive never heard it used in this context so perhaps you could clarify what it is you are actually saying?
Daigis 3 months ago
No, they get the attention and get what the activists want (or who hired them), the residents end up with the problems created by the activists like rising crime rates after decades of decline.
Mashicage 2 months ago
Not really. You don't believe it, because you find it implausible. That's your prerogative, but it doesn't mean it's not true, logically speaking.
Kajitaxe 2 months ago
what specific scientific studies would you suggest ?
Akinozahn 2 months ago
The only knowledge available is from humans and it needs to be independently corroborated because humans lie, make mistakes, can be deluded, etc. In other words, excuse me if I don't take your word for anything.
Datilar 2 months ago
Yep. It?s the basis of quantum field theory. And for some reason we have to have quantum fields (which pop up those quarks as well as other fundamental particles) if we want quantum mechanics to obey relativity.
Shakazragore 2 months ago
The rest of the developed world has demosocialist systems. Germany, Japan, Israel, NZ, Denmark, France... and it has made them all SUPERIOR societies to that of the backwards U$A.
Rough anal amateurs

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