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"Translation. We got nothing but we will try to frame our conclusion to politically cover our asses. We will even ruin people?s lives for some process crime BS."

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Kekus 11 months ago
I am going to ignore your trolling now to pursue more intelligent conversation with those who want to debate rather than toss childish insults. Cheers.
Shall 10 months ago
Interesting opinion. Not one I share.
Zuluk 10 months ago
More claims to knowledge you don't have.
Arazshura 10 months ago
Hey that's the best we can do, isn't it?
Kazrarisar 10 months ago
some of those people should not be allowed on the internet with out a helmet. The most common thing the articulate will say is that our nation, flawed though it is, is founded on admirable principles. The core premise of our system is that government a necessary evil, but it should be limited as much as possible to foster the god given freedoms and rights. There is an acknowledgement that power corrupts over time. That is the reason for the 2nd, as a final measure to stop the potential for tyranny inherent in all power structures. When the power of the government exceeds the power of the people, rights erode and tyranny rises.
Kigaran 10 months ago
Someone paid for the unnecessary ultrasound.
Dubar 10 months ago
We definitely have a people shortage! Amirite?!
Kagakazahn 10 months ago
Got a citation for that?
Fenrik 9 months ago
What a relief that would be a challenge
Mugor 9 months ago
"... like all of God?s creation,..." - Have you listened to yourself?
Kagarg 9 months ago
I do not recall off hand, but KJV's before 1885 had them all. I do not recall who ended up with the family bible, I think it was one of the preachers( we had a few lol)
Akinozil 9 months ago
And it is, of course, fraught with issues...
Nir 8 months ago
You get an F for clearly being unfamiliar with the story in question.
Kazisar 8 months ago
Parapraxis: One does not "give" rights.
Kagul 8 months ago
If you believe everyone in politics sucks it makes it all less vitriolic. I don't believe anymore in government or politicians so I'm never offended. I do believe in sarcasm so this was a fun exercise for me.
Tajora 8 months ago
Ok. I?m not going to go down the rabbit hole of objective and subjective morality with you, but you?re way off here.
Nikasa 8 months ago
What about the person (kid) who kills for love? Seems that that wouldn't help.
Teen dry fuck first time Mia Khalifa Tries

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