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Hair on dick

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"Why should I defend something YOU said?"

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Hair on dick
Hair on dick

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Voodoobar 11 months ago
Sin is a religious term. It connects with a deity. If you don't have that deity, you don't sin. You make mistakes, you disobey, you do wrong things. Then you should apologize for those mistakes or wrongdoings to the person who is wronged, not any mythical deity.
Tojakazahn 11 months ago
trump was born in Kenya? and the trump's and Obama's were friends?
Bataxe 11 months ago
Ford's promised to spend an additional $5B on subways, in addition to the $14B the Ontario government has 'committed' but not spent.
Sakinos 11 months ago
Following this logic, we come to conclusion that Islam is no longer capable of offering reliable guidance in the modern world - since there are no successful Islamic countries around for longer than a century at this point. Correct?
Dilkis 10 months ago
I have no problems with immigrants either, I am an immigrant myself, it's Islamic ideology that creates problems.
Grozshura 10 months ago
Boris' envy of a character he insists is imaginary is really quite spectacular. It's like he fell out of a Greek Myth.
Vijas 10 months ago
Not true. Just checked it. 65% in jail are Christian. 75% of general population.
Gardakasa 9 months ago
Your subjective standard does not make me wrong. Try again.
Zolojar 9 months ago
Not evaluating reality is wise and intelligent.
Tull 9 months ago
Only big trucks will do that. Make sure to have the hangy ball thingies on the back too. It's the only way.
Mucage 9 months ago
You didn't read my post, did you?
Tajin 9 months ago
the sad part is.... only israel bombs children schools and public hospitals
Kazitaxe 8 months ago
Because if you are handing out literature you must give equal opportunity for any other group to do so. What do think will happen when the Satanic Temple has one of their member's kid passing out their leaflets?
Samutaxe 8 months ago
"Come on, we have discussed everything here and I have refuted each point."
Felmaran 8 months ago
You're not old as dirt, I'm keeping it????
Dim 8 months ago
Sweet dreams, romefan.
Meztikree 8 months ago
Thanks for the suggestion.
Brazuru 8 months ago
Meh. I can't say that I honestly care in this case. If he knew how to behave himself, he wouldn't be in this pickle to begin with. Only has himself to blame.
Tasho 8 months ago
First, I do want to be clear. My wording wasn't mean to be criticizing people. I may have chosen poorly on the wording because I was posting on mobile and still half asleep.
Taushakar 7 months ago
positive (and antiseptic) vibe your way man!
Shabei 7 months ago
He also did a job that wasn't up to code and left the city open to litigation.
Darn 7 months ago
So yeah I agree with the a theism part but it?s still a religion
Gotilar 7 months ago
Shouldn?t you be flagging everyone?
Zujind 7 months ago
I was referencing what you said in your comment about losing control.
Brall 6 months ago
A bunch of Levantine bronze age guys borrow some myth from earlier Mesopotamian Bronze age guys, and now in the 21st century after thousands of years of advancement, you think those Bronze Age myths are literal truth and everything learned since then is wrong. And yet somehow you can manage to use the internet, which depends on that science you fear. Amazing.
Nikosar 6 months ago
Got you now.....Osama the Bengali ass bandit from Tower Hamlets!
Zologami 6 months ago
photographer should have explained how it works. she should have known better than to expect a customer to understand. she priced it more like a wedding shoot than i would have expected.
Fenrishura 6 months ago
Absolutely. But, there is an old covenant. Exodus 24. Moses spills the blood of oxen on the altar and on the people of Israel to seal God's covenant of the previous 3 chapters.
Grozuru 6 months ago
Agreed. It's "Aren't you going to say something in your defense? I don't think you've done anything wrong... but I can't let you go if you don't say something!"
Galkis 6 months ago
I worship Freya because She is the embodiment of the Eternal Feminine, which I feel is a worthy thing to worship as a man. It does not mean to be submissive to women, but to see their true nature, to understand it, and to cherish it.
Balkree 5 months ago
Hahahaha! Do you think pickup trucks can be hacked? Do you think people can't fight without cell phones?

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