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"Thank you Anna, for your thoughts! ???????"

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Katie Banks - Fucking my Buds Sister

Katie Banks - Fucking my Buds Sister

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Half black half asian girl Interracial

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Kigabar 1 year ago
How would the government buy things like military aircraft, paper to print money and stamps on, trucks to deliver mail, materials and labor to build government buildings and public roads, grocers who provide food to SNAP recipients, etc. without providing funds to private corporations?
Yozshukasa 1 year ago
Toilets?? Toilets are the battleground at my house. I didn't make that mess!
Kelmaran 1 year ago
ehh, you are all about the same.
Tajind 1 year ago
Health insurance polls as the most important issue still.
Kagacage 1 year ago
Law & order president my ass.
Kitaur 1 year ago
The Pope has been asked to hand over documents relating to employees accused of sexual misconduct, and he said that he does not have the ability to get the information from the dioceses. I call BS.
Tekree 1 year ago
I consider blocking you, but I forgive too easily. ??????
Mikar 1 year ago
Kind of a "ends justify the means" sort of thing, except the outcomes are not as controllable by individuals?
Kegami 1 year ago
Actually, the first letter we have was written about 30yrs after the death of' Christ. There may have been others but we don't have them. But the history of the early church started the Sunday after he was executed. To deny the huge impact Christianity has had on civilization is incredibly ignorant. Even the most venomous enemies of Christianity about is influence...they just claim it was for the worse.
Yozshumuro 1 year ago
Instinctively, the baby.
Goltirr 1 year ago
Was this before or after kickpunching class and Red Bull?
Zulumuro 1 year ago
What does marriage have to do with the "legacy of slavery" Social change takes place gradually. That affects marriage too. There were many events that took place over the last two hundred years. We didn't always benefit from those changes. But the "legacy of slavery" is still a factor. You think you should be able to dictate the meaning of the phase? That's your white supremacy showing itself, bubba
Yozshujora 1 year ago
Can we debate monogamy versus poligamy? xD
Mugrel 1 year ago
The stupid ass lady called the cops because some black folks were BBQing in a park. It wasn't against the law, they just weren't BBQing in the designated spot.
Meran 1 year ago
Look up the definition of "murder."
Malat 1 year ago
Do they drop bombs? Can you shoot the guns? Parachute from it as it bursts into flames? That would make it worth it for me... LOL
Arashikazahn 1 year ago
ALL FOR THE GOOD OF THIS COUNTRY. They are country first party last. This is why it seems the democrats can't focus. They are seeing our democracy failing and destroyed before their eyes daily. which is our country. when, all of this is over, who do you think has to clean this mess up and get the government back on track? the republicans? no the democrats. Yeah, them. so say what you want , you are entitled to your opinion with all the facts of foxnews;( fake news) which really insults your intelligence. Get on board . help America take back it's Government!
Faujind 1 year ago
Argument by declaration is a fallacy.
Kizragore 1 year ago
Richard Carrier thinks that the Beloved Disciple may actually have been Lazarus... an interesting thought!
Magar 1 year ago
I've heard stories doubting the existence of Jesus too. I believe that the stories told about him are based on a real Jewish priest who lived during that time. But of course the stories were embellished to make him look divine. People will fall for anything. I was never impressed with him at all.
Mazulabar 11 months ago
How is it different?
Terisar 11 months ago
that may be because there is so much dissension amongst christians. It's kind of like, if you don't know, how can we?
Tygozuru 11 months ago
Oh, great. You're back.
Volkis 11 months ago
Decimated by negative 3 million votes, Thanks to Putin.
Half black half asian girl Interracial

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