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Spank big butts
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"The Good news of the kingdom and Gods king is this---- At Har-mageddon, Jesus brings Gods kingdom rule to the whole earth. Satan is captured and abyssed for 1000 years. Loved ones resurrected, food overflowing the mountains, a child will play on a cobra hole and no harm will come. The lion will eat beside the lamb-perfect harmony amongst all of Gods creatures. The earth will be transformed over those 1000 years to a Eden( paradise) as God intended and still does. All motives of mortal man will be out of love first--not profit like today, no aging like today, no wars, fear, pain, cancer, deformities, mental illnesses, diseases, sickness, starvation, greed,etc,etc Gods kingdom is a cure all. Its mankinds ONLY remaining hope."

"Don't talk to me like that young lady, who even was that guy, how old was he?" Gwen think for a second, "thirty. " So that's what we did. This was it, now or never.

Monique Alexander pussy eating with her maid

Monique Alexander pussy eating with her maid

His deep blue eyes, his golden spiked hair, his well defined six pack, and the sense of power that radiated from him without him realizing it. "So get after her, would you. As his body produced pre-cum into her already wet and ready hole, he was able to drive the full length of his cock into her with each stroke.

I wanted him to kiss me there. "Oh Lee your so sweet" she said blushing "I want to see you undress too" she said as she looked over his clothed body. "She's a NATURAL blonde!" SSpank he eyes roamed bib inch of her body, he let out a whistle.

Shit. With fervor and desire I bury my face in her ass. I spit on it, and rubbed it in, until it was shining with moisture. Any second my dad would burst through my bedroom door and see.

A little stilted. I went back to his hole and felt his finger still going at it. When the prowler gives out the warning all heads come up as one.

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Spank big butts
Spank big butts
Spank big butts

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Duzshura 10 months ago
That's a funny meme. Congratulations, you can resort to using someone else's material. Round of applause for Screwtape.
Sadal 10 months ago
Intellectual cowardice is still cowardice. Dont blame me because you have no education!
Temuro 10 months ago
"dim-witted" uh, no.
Kagarn 10 months ago
Better! I can't argue with that - except for the last line. We should let him say his position on that. I will add, though, many of the OPs I've read on the other side make even broader generalizations.
Tojazahn 9 months ago
"organized religion" accounts for exactly 52 hours a year."
Nikoran 9 months ago
LOL I texted her and she actually replied. I will speak at her in a bit.
Mobei 9 months ago
I don't think they are married.
Faerisar 9 months ago
I live in a "red" state and I cant express how much it irks me when some toddler gets ahold of someone's gun and kills themselves or another child... and the parents are not punished for the child gaining access. That feeling continues no matter how old your child is. If they can gain access your weapons are NOT secure. I know all the excuses people will throw about "you don't know teens then".. I do. I raised one. When we thought he was having behavioral health issues we removed our guns from the property and stored them off-site. Its the gun owners responsibility. Guns are stolen by adults- but when someone breaks into your house or your safe you should know right away.
Kaziran 9 months ago
Honestly, any job? Some people take years to finish one cosplay before they attend the con. Others build on it as time goes on. The cons have become mainstream enough that there are businesses that create costumes on the yearly. Some cosplayers garnished enough of a following to actually get paid to cosplay. And there are ppl like me, that pick "simple" obscure subject matter to cosplay so the demand on accuracy is not as high. And it is ultimately fun thing to do so many dont mind losing sleep over getting their stuff done. It can be inexpensive or ludicrously expensive.
Samur 9 months ago
(hint: you're the pigeon in this analogy, IRW)
Kakree 8 months ago
When I see that "evidence" has been tampered with and so-called experts have lied, why should I believe in a thing like "climate change"?
Doutilar 8 months ago
Isaiah is older than 600 AD
Gardadal 8 months ago
Can't you point at nothing?
Zologami 8 months ago
I certainly understand that you see things differently. It glorifies both things, as I see it.
Samukus 8 months ago
I took 3 taco bell tacos before bed and this happened in the middle of the night.
Spank big butts

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