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Fucked raw homemade crying

Fucked raw homemade crying
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"God told me that he doesn't mind what name you call him in the least as long as you DO CALL HIM."

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Fucked raw homemade crying

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Gucage 9 months ago
I'm so glad to know that my time in the Army, the birthdays I missed, the time away from my kids, and the permanent injury I endured is such an inconvenience to the men soldiers. That somehow me being in the military was such a distraction for them. Good to fvcking know.
Brajas 8 months ago
You stopped my heart at gock... ??
Meztijora 8 months ago
Thanks for sharing the cherry picked data,but allow me to present the bigger picture.
Dalmaran 8 months ago
Because it is true. You simply do not understand macroeconomics and only see all things through your pro-Trump filter.
Goll 8 months ago
TRY to be objective and realistic.
Doujinn 8 months ago
You don't find this with Jews which might be why they make the most splendid atheists and write the best Christmas songs.
Kazizahn 8 months ago
Edison was atheist.
Kazisar 8 months ago
You mean the god you claim to know all about, but cannot prove exists
Galrajas 8 months ago
My old college roomies will be devastated.
Kajishakar 7 months ago
How does that make women inferior?
Dotaur 7 months ago
Maybe what was started as a Christian moral was used elsewhere.
Yokinos 7 months ago
Will you say anything to try and get my attention? Because that?s some vapid bullshit you?re spoutin? there.
Taramar 7 months ago
Morality is what is increasing well being and decreasing harm, which is a hell of a lot better standard that some ancient book which has many outdated beliefs.

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