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"he can, and will, tell Trudeau to shove his carbon tax"

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Obese teen nude
Obese teen nude

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Golar 6 months ago
What different does it make? It's all bunkum.
Tot 6 months ago
Lmao Nope. I am still convinced that Gracie is a black woman inside a white ladys body.
Garisar 6 months ago
Con men certainly are behind Christianity.
Kagor 5 months ago
Those are medical clinics not crisis centers. The difference is one does provide medical services like ultra sounds, pregnancy test, etc., the other offers pregnancy support services like maternity clothes, baby clothes, cribs, etc. Some being run by churches offer spiritual guidance, they also may recommend a religious based hospital or clinic. What the state sees is if someone is in distress about their pregnancy and wants to end it getting to emotionally intertwined with these organizations and persuaded out of getting a abortion, they want these organizations also to say well if you really feel you need a abortion there are other clinics and services you can go to to get a abortion. It sort of defeats the whole purpose of their mission, goes against their religious beliefs. Why would they go through the time and expanse of trying to talk someone out of getting a abortion if they also were forced to tell them where to go for a a abortion. It's a highly emotional time when a woman realizes she is pregnant, maybe even got dumped by the father, there's a lot of fear in some woman of what are they going to do, how will they manage having a kid. Sometimes all these woman need is to know someone will help them. I am sure if they are determined to have a abortion whatever a crisis center tries to say isn't going to talk them out of it.
Kagami 5 months ago
thing is my wife ultimatums are like child tantrums and not like real emergencies - I am the only source on income, our family is me, wife and pets, my job provides us with a roof over our heads and food, without it we have nothing, it's hard as hell to find a job in this day and age and my previous jobs were horrible this is a pretty good one tbh.
Zulunris 5 months ago
This is about the federal government, remember? The 1st amendment, etc.
Kajilar 5 months ago
I hope Trump brings a large lunch, Kim's going to be eating his.
Dolkis 4 months ago
Good and reasonable and down-to-earth comment. All authority has been given Christ. Thanks.
Samurg 4 months ago
Yes, it is.
Voodoozahn 4 months ago
HUgs you did good.
Kazikus 4 months ago
Couple of things. Unless things take a dramatic change for the Trump he'll hardly ever come close to the top of the list for best presidents. He'll be sharing the bottom with Grant and the like.
Dull 4 months ago
I would love to slap the taste out of this jerks mouth.
Fegor 4 months ago
I have every confidence in Wills and Kate but I have trepidations about this. There has never been a happy American princess, I honestly don?t think this will be the first one. You have to give up hella much to join The Firm and she may not be in line for the throne but she is their newest PR element and it?ll be harsh.
Zulkijin 3 months ago
RIGHT WINGER Milo Yiannopoulos Encourages Vigilantes to Start ?Gunning Journalists Down?
Obese teen nude

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