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Antique sperm whale weather vane

Antique sperm whale weather vane
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"God proves Himself in His creation. There are no other proves neccessary. Those who still demand prove are blinded by the spirit of darkness that covers the earth. If you have a bible, than please read Romans chapter 1 the verses 18 etc. otherwise seek a bible online. And read Ephesians chapter 2 the verses 1-10."

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Cumshot on panties rubbed into her pussy with cock!!!

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She scooted across seats, and stood in front of me. Lady Delilah The Golden Hunger sailed down the inlet out towards the Nimborgoth.

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Antique sperm whale weather vane
Antique sperm whale weather vane
Antique sperm whale weather vane

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Vudorr 9 months ago
No - is it good?
Fegis 9 months ago
Syncing archaeology and Bible history.
Malahn 9 months ago
If they could "make that up," they would have "made it up" already to increase profits!
Mikall 9 months ago
See, I did do my homework. I understand the early history and the foundations of Judeo-Christian religions. THAT'S why I asked for the references on which you based your statements. While there's lot's of information on the history of those religions, I can't find even one historian who presents evidence to support your claims. Trust me, I'd love to see historical evidence that supports the "myths" statement you claim is false.
Zulukus 8 months ago
Guess you are a flat earther
Mezisho 8 months ago
for all you bible thumpers out there. why did god make every male penis flawed?
Gadal 8 months ago
They cheer for the wall and America LOSING! Trump cannot even get his scumbag wall built! Ha! :)
Daitilar 8 months ago
Well, what else would anyone expect from a liberal, especially one that hangs out in Harlem, home to Al Sharpton's NAN?
Kigasar 8 months ago
I like the way you think ;)
Akinozragore 8 months ago
This should drive the libtards bonkers but the real freak out will come when one of the true libtards (Ginsberg) goes all room temp and he gets to replace them.
Tazuru 7 months ago
No, I know.
Morr 7 months ago
Confirmation bias refers to claims of contingent fact or error.
Samuzuru 7 months ago
She was no angel, but it wasn't the crime, but the sentence that was problematic.
Nelar 7 months ago
bless your heart.
Shakakasa 6 months ago
For you perhaps, I cut the middlemen long ago for something more pure. You can't disprove my view because it's not a belief but a compounding of expirences. I see faith in actions not claims in a book. That connection is ultimately for the individual to Persue and choose for themeselves, nobody can give the that.
Vusida 6 months ago
Ummmm I?ll never tell
Zolojora 6 months ago
Seems like an appropriate place for his tattoo he seems like a full blown idiot.
Akigar 6 months ago
What we call the internet today took trillions of dollars of investment to create from what we had in 1975.
Masho 6 months ago
Also in fairness yes there are a lot of nice Christians. Not perfect Christians though. None follow the religion as it is written. They pick and choose what to follow and when to do so.
Shakajar 5 months ago
Perhaps you should stop believing he exists and try for yourself.
Zulkijar 5 months ago
Can't read his comments :)
Malajind 5 months ago
Well, he is black. You got that fact right. The others are, as you know, are bullshit. Of course, the only FACT that matters to racist pricks like you was his skin color.
Yozshulkree 5 months ago
Lol, do you know that term in baseball?
Mazuzuru 5 months ago
Yes, yes, try to claim that I'm triggered like a predictable little idiot... you do know that shit only works on weak-minded fucks like you, right? Tell you what, cupcake, why don't you quote anything in that post that would indicate that I was in an agitated or aggravated state when I typed it? Let's see if you have a functioning brain cell left.
Kajishura 4 months ago
I feel for ya, dude, I actually do. I don't know what I'd do if I wasn't permitted to investigate or think about the actual science issues for myself. Do you get a little knot in your stomach every time you sit and watch birds at a bird feeder, or watch the dead earth sprouting in the spring? There's a peace and simple joy that comes when you don't have fight your eyes and your common sense all the time.
Kanos 4 months ago
Oh this made me miss my Dingo.... He was the best Jack Russell freebie in the world. Double the upvotes
Aranris 4 months ago
Maybe his wife was standing behind him when he was typing his comments and he got a slap upside the head. She who must be obeyed, and all that stuff. He was very funny, though.
Zukazahn 4 months ago
You must be black, it is not your fault. It is the white man's. That is what you are taught. How is that mindset working out for you?
Nikorr 4 months ago
You can monitor as much as possible or like you not have an account but that doesn't stop others putting photos or posting including you on theirs
Tygojas 4 months ago
I'm sure you have tons of experience with EU liberals... /s
JoJokinos 4 months ago
You first have to demonstrate they're bad laws. If you think you can refuse to follow laws, go for it. See how far that gets you. Enjoy prison.

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