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"God didn't write the bible, and he never dictated it either."

______________ Oh my God that was the worst sex ever. The poor circulation in her arms, however, had left them numb and weak.

Imperial Brothel orgy scene from Caligula

Imperial Brothel orgy scene from Caligula

I was meant to ask her to be my official girlfriend, and all I came out with was 'you were amazing'. "Will it hurt like that from now on?" she asked as they laid together.

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Even through her panties she had felt his cock head enter her about a half inch. "Whoa. He gave it a couple of tugs and then turned me around.

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Lee grabbed her and pulled her close to him and kissed her back, their tongues intertwining in the others mouth. The fire flames up, surrounding them with dry, crackling energy.

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Avalanche idaho newspaper pussyowyhee shaved

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Vutaur 1 year ago
Nice hyperbole... :P
Yozshuramar 1 year ago
I'm sorry you feel that these kids can't think for themselves.
Sazragore 11 months ago
Yes. Quack quack!!
Vizahn 11 months ago
Islam's Goloden Age is a myth. If you call dhimmi system tolerant, slavery is tolerant too. Come on, slaves were fed, and beaten only when they deserved it.
Nerisar 11 months ago
Victor may not be aware how horrifically outdated the blood-libel he's digging up is.
Dougar 11 months ago
"more plausible is environment being a factor"
Kigasida 11 months ago
Time to find a nice little mare and grow your family with some colts and/or phillies.
Tygojar 11 months ago
I remember her giggling, when Gaddafi was killed in such a terrible way.
Mauzilkree 10 months ago
What I have said still applies to the adjective.
Taura 10 months ago
How has that attitude been created?
Dajinn 10 months ago
Trump is only racist in Trump haters group thinking circle jerks view. When you cry racist too much, it?s meaningless. You don?t get to expand our definition to yours, which is if you don?t praise minorities, you are racist.
Danris 10 months ago
Stabbed with a dry-ice icicle?
Arashigis 10 months ago
Not always. How often do you suppose people that were planning on having children "some day" get pregnant before they wanted to? Married people have unexpected pregnancies all the time. Sex is human nature, and depriving that results in, well, the Catholic church is a good example.
Nigul 10 months ago
So resurrection accounts are not limited to the gospels, do you accept those too? Do you believe things like alien abduction? There are actual abductees you can interview first hand, no accepting second hand accounts.
Nikosho 9 months ago
Except for that one beautiful night in Moscow.
Dilabar 9 months ago
Maybe a simple google search could help you.

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