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"The pope does not support nor preach the Bible. Any ignoramus who says the Bible and Quran are basically the same doesn't even deserve a diploma for passing grade school."

The team loved him and despite losing the game we were all in high spirits about our new team mate. "You remember I was a hunter for close to ten years before I ever met you.

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Beautiful Sex

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Faegal 1 year ago
Of nature. Many creationists believe that all of nature was designed. And the this is the end result. He?s saying that this belief is ridiculous because if it?s all designed it?s such a piss poor job.
Nagrel 1 year ago
So far you've made lots of claims and cited no facts.
Mojar 1 year ago
You are free to ask the person who wrote the OP questions about why they did what they did.
Manris 1 year ago
It might not be all his fault, but he ain't helping to stem the flow, lol.
Niramar 1 year ago
I can assure you, the Jewish people look at the OT that is much different than Christianity. Muslims view Jesus differently.
Naran 1 year ago
It usually does -- just look at how the far-right Fundies switched their attention to the trans people as soon as they lost the battle for Marriage Equality.
Ketilar 11 months ago
I know some women who like dipping their french fries or nuggets inside their vanilla ice cream.
Gukazahn 11 months ago
That's one perspective. Certainly many believers in Allah insist that the Quran is more than adequate, so you may well be right...
Vole 11 months ago
Liberals, on the other hand, are not fascists and believe in the principles of democracy. So while we morally oppose conservatism and it's abhorrent governance, we uphold its right to exist and the need for its voice in our democracy.
Nikokazahn 11 months ago
I see, so you basically think these millions of Americans will quietly disappear into the margins of society and everything will be pretty much fine? Because they are already violent, and increasingly so - and losing political power is likely to piss them off even more.
Gakora 11 months ago
The two guys below are heroes. They stopped (with their own guns) the church shooter that killed innocent people from getting away.
Tasar 10 months ago
Good morning young Miss.
Molabar 10 months ago
If you're posting to brain dead folks, perhaps you're as ignorant as Huckabee "thinks".
Vobar 10 months ago
Oh the word shemesh is added to it is it???? It?s just Keren right?
Gardall 10 months ago
I think alot of people loose interest in this stuff as they age... for a number of reasons...
Mezigul 10 months ago
Yes I know. :)
Dilar 9 months ago
Her platform is the same socialist Bernie Sanders, "FREE EVERYTHING"!
Mekus 9 months ago
You? Single? Lonely? Covered in orange spooge?
Motaxe 9 months ago
that is a weak butt reply. clear proof that you are applying the first law of liberalism: do as we say, not as we do.
Kazidal 9 months ago
Ask him if he feels he needs both kidneys?
Sashura 9 months ago
So are drunk driving and speeding.
Akinokus 9 months ago
If they were words from a god they would fit into any time.
Arat 9 months ago
Oh please. Let me know when he testifies.
Tazilkree 9 months ago
Not just the humans. All the animals were thrown out of the garden as well. I think he may have destroyed Eden and salted the earth so nothing would ever grow there again.
Vudolkree 9 months ago
It has never been permitted by capitalistic interests to try, comrade
Zura 8 months ago
Whoever is hosting has to pay.
Yot 8 months ago
No one is killing a child. Ans condemns break, birth control fail. abortion is responsible action for those not wanting to have a child or suffer pregnancy
Nijas 8 months ago
Free food, free abortions, free housing, free phones, free electricity, free cable, free transportaion, free college, free education, free health care, free job training, free retirement....
Samugor 8 months ago
Has nothing to do with how they are processed...which is our responsibility.
Meztihn 8 months ago
My call that the Liberals would be wiped out was wrong: but your prediction was pretty close. No crow for you!
JoJok 7 months ago
Well said. (You are definitely a wordsmith.) Upvoted.
Dairn 7 months ago
"he mating call "I'm so wasted""
Nat 7 months ago
I get it, trust me. But the OCD tendencies in me go insane if it's not to my standard. I appreciate the desire to help, but I'd just rather do it myself if you're not going to do it to my standard.
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