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Blogspot man mature video
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"She may be worth our vote if she was leader of the PC party. No matter who leads the ndp,it would be financial suicide to vote them in."

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Blogspot man mature video

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Zolorr 1 year ago
I hear that a lot, that atheists insist on scientific evidence. I've never once requested that. I always ask for proof but I leave the proof up to them. Each proof is based on it's own merit
Nazil 1 year ago
To be fair to those questioning, I think we owe it to them to define what/who we mean when we reference "God". Otherwise, we could all be talking to assumptions that none of us realize that the other may not see -- and as a result, talk past each other.
Mazujin 1 year ago
That is an irrelevant example. She's an ignorant person.
Vik 1 year ago
Of course. Which is exactly the point TFCC and Abe were making, and that the atheists struggled to hear because of the "faith is a pejorative term" ear worm they've gotten used to sheltering.
Tekasa 1 year ago
If nothing I've said so far can budge you off that pedestal of dogmatic anti-theological pedantry, it is time to wrap this up.
Samuramar 1 year ago
Perhaps a real historical Jesus existed... But we're not so sure about the claims of supernatural Jesus, yes?
Tautaur 1 year ago
Hi, David, hope you have fun, just check the channel guidelines and join any thread with your own comments as you did. We want potatoes, too.
Feshicage 1 year ago
Hey Susan, that second sentence is a bit loaded!
Tojakree 1 year ago
That would be me lol. But I?ll keep my distance.
Vulabar 1 year ago
Dave's going to hire a mover!
Dira 1 year ago
I can quote the verse in any language you prefer...the words remain the same. They are still the Lord's. But then, you are the "minister" right?
Tojazragore 1 year ago
always the opportunist.
Sazuru 1 year ago
Yes that's what I said. Deity based cultist nonsense is the opposite of critical thinking.
Shaktigrel 1 year ago
Then you?re an evolutionist not a Darwinist. You?re arguing about nothing.
Dujinn 1 year ago
You?re in the states right? Socialized medicine is @ big bugaboo down there eh?
Gardasar 1 year ago
I think she's done, too. I think both of you would be happier in the long run if you were not together. I think you're both miserable. Someone's gotta pull the trigger, so it may as well be you.
Nagore 1 year ago
Yep. And this has to be on earth for the humans to be able to learn what is right and what is wrong.
Fegar 1 year ago
LOL - that sincerely brought a smile to my face this morning - thank you =D
Nikojinn 1 year ago
So? They?re wrong. They ignore their own Holy Scriptures.
Mauzragore 1 year ago
Then you continue to show an utter lack of knowledge about education. As I already said, you can't imagine that people are able to leave their own biases on the doorstep, but they can. I have done so, when providing training to large groups and to individuals. It is part of the duties of an educator to teach to the curriculum, and to be impartial where appropriate.
Brazahn 1 year ago
Don't encourage this shit!
Vicage 1 year ago
3? You've cut back!!! :)
Shakanris 1 year ago
Wouldn't be too good for Mcdonalds, one look at her and there goes the appetite
Zulkigrel 1 year ago
It's hard for a fish to tell its in an ocean, when the way this fish observes is already biased. Like flat landers.
Karr 1 year ago
"Explain how a lawless state can offer liberty."
Bazil 1 year ago
Yeh, and we already see an example of NDP fiscal incompetence and fraudulence when they deliberately underestimated their deficits by $7B by crooked accounting. Clearly the entire communist campaign teams' collective IQ doesn't match Ford's shoe size. And you want this collection of idiots to run the province? Wynne wasn't bad enough for you?
Blogspot man mature video

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