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"I think any judge worth his salt would follow his own rules"

Just face the fact before you make a fool out of yourself. There was not one ounce of fat or imperfection visible.

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Japanese Milf Touched and Fucked in Crowded Bus by Chikan

Japanese Milf Touched and Fucked in Crowded Bus by Chikan

The girls could not wait to show off their new bikinis and strut about the pool. He followed each and every curve and swell of body with his skilled fingers.

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Redhead teenage sage nude Redhead

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Gugar 11 months ago
Too stupid. I mean that as both a reply and to correct your grammar.
Dirr 11 months ago
Provided nothing but good, except for this tempting fruit tree that was put in the garden for no other reason than to tempt Adam into eating it. Not only that, he let a pesky talking snake in there. The game was rigged from the start. God wanted him to fail and set it all up to have exactly that result.
Yozshutaxe 11 months ago
"God" hasn't written anything, and everyone who claims to hear voices in their head that belong to someone other than themself has a mental condition that can usually be treated.
Sataxe 11 months ago
It looks to me that they are nowhere near a conflict, could be some sort of training exercise.
Samulabar 11 months ago
Denying the existence of a jesus person from 2000 years ago is a waste of time. We can deny existence the jesus born of a virgin, the resurrected jesus, the magical jesus, if you like, but not the historical jesus.
Goltigul 10 months ago
That proves you are a citizen, nothing there about your individual claimed rights connected to elsewhere. That is not a legal document especially since the constitution.
Nakasa 10 months ago
OK...that is fine. I have only heard Biblical creationists use the phrase intelligent design.
Salkis 10 months ago
The OP asked for examples of benefits to a society brought about by Christianity.
Fenrikasa 10 months ago
You can't even show that a god exists. We can show that evolution happens.
Kazidal 10 months ago
We have Dennis Rodman going to North Korea to play with a murderous dictator but Lebron refuses to go to the white house? Backwards world. Even the cop that Obama falsely humiliated by telling the world on TV that he acted stupid, went to the white house.
Mocage 9 months ago
Lol, if being in a state of complete delusion of reality is your thing and it?s working for you. Stay on that train but even train tracks end at some point.
Megami 9 months ago
I've had crippling depression. It hurts a lot. One has to ask for help.
Negami 9 months ago
Nobody is mad at science. They?re mad at people.
Yole 9 months ago
Even if he did/does something remotely close to what they want, it's still his fault and is to blame.
Mausida 9 months ago
First, we do't let them get off "scott free", people in my church have been excommunicated for adultery and other serious offenses. ASs another poster said above, engaging in homosexual acts is a sin, but so are adultery, lying, stealing, rape and so on. Gay sex is not more sinful then any other sin.
Vudoramar 9 months ago
And you think, I don't know that? Lol
Nebar 9 months ago
Adorable belief there.
Mikazshura 8 months ago
How do YOU read? - "That was my opinion,...", not MY JOB.
Kegar 8 months ago
That is easily said, and not false, but most people simply can't chain the right things together. Some of this because they are literally incapable, and sometimes because the situation really is not right.
Kelabar 8 months ago
Really? Our new president got five! draft deferments (and has lied about the reasons) and makes gross remarks about those who did serve.
Fenrile 8 months ago
I'm not a big fan of the term "sodomy". it sounds too biblical old school judgy to me. As far as having sex with my partner, it's on the menu and I'm comfortable with it. Oral is an every time event and anl is more of a special event sort of thing. In any case, anl should never be a surprise.
Kajijas 8 months ago
I second that, I will donate the GAS!
Dosar 7 months ago
Whether you believe it is from the devil or from natural evolutionary human behavior, it's still a Church whose clergy has been infected by evil.
Maucage 7 months ago
It's perfectly okay to let your friends know that the subject of pregnancy is a sensitive one for you and you'd rather not talk about it. Most reasonable people would try to be accommodating. But you don't get to dictate to people what they talk about. Ultimately, if you don't like a topic of conversation, that's your problem, and it's up to you to remove yourself from the conversation rather than make it everyone else's problem and force them to change the topic.

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