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Dudes with shaved eyebrows

Dudes with shaved eyebrows
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"But what if that first verse was just a synoptic statement? You know, a common literary tool where the first sentence establishes the framework and idea of the rest of the work?"

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Dudes with shaved eyebrows
Dudes with shaved eyebrows
Dudes with shaved eyebrows

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Aranris 11 months ago
Umm, Love thy neighbor as thyself, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you are two pretty huge ones that they seem to ignore. Love the sinner, hate the sin is another key one they ignore. Faith, Hop and Love and the greatest of these is Love. Not a lot of love in that group. Their choice of focusing on strict authoritarian interpretation of the bible leaves no room for what are the most important concepts of the new testament. It's also pretty clear that if you drive someone away from salvation it's a horrible thing. They drive plenty of people away with their behavior.
Gojin 10 months ago
I will agree 25% female is a very hard target to achieve for a volunteer army.
Ditilar 10 months ago
We'd find a way.
Zululkis 10 months ago
No one knows on either, but at least scientists have an idea and will admit that it could be wrong. All religions have their myths and refuse to admit that they could be wrong, because apparently they all have the right god.
Voodoogar 10 months ago
I like discussing a myriad of topics, but some don't fit with the Love Stinks theme of relationships.
Akinokora 10 months ago
These guys what to harken back to a time when people were innocent and everyone waited until they were married.
Mutaur 9 months ago
Nah, i just believe in screwing over any and all democrats and their supporters.
Ninris 9 months ago
god made man in his perfect image.
Faelmaran 9 months ago
Death judges all of us the same.
Grogis 9 months ago
Are you chiming in to prove you can?t read as well?
Goltijora 9 months ago
I messaged him the other day. I told him hes got a mod spot here waiting for him. But he needs to cut the racism and he needs to apologize to the people here he accused of being racists lol. Listen to this then I told him all he needs to do is stick his tail in between his legs Just like Durant did ??????
Kat 9 months ago
Precisely. A belief in magic is nonsense.
Dudes with shaved eyebrows

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