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"I hearing you correctly? It came about 9 Billiom years before it came about? That would, for starters, make it 18 Billion - and it just gets older from there....."

"Aaron you're cock is amazing as fuck" Tom said. No strangers. "One!.

BANGBROS - Big Tit Latina Maid Julianna Vega Takes Dick (mda13561)

BANGBROS - Big Tit Latina Maid Julianna Vega Takes Dick (mda13561)

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Buy shaved coconut
Buy shaved coconut

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Mikabei 6 months ago
I clearly remember visiting kids in the country and guns were held in a gun rack in either the kitchen or on the porch. I also remember being taught weapons safety in Army cadets. Always treated a firearm with respect and dont recall anyone using a gun for revenge.
Gardashura 6 months ago
I think you and your friends are a rarity, tbh.
Bralabar 5 months ago
And neither are embryos, zygotes, or a genome. The zygote's genome is a combination of the DNA in each gamete, and contains all of the genetic information necessary to form a new individual. It is not an infant nor a human being, nor a a fetus however much you want it to be. Get over it.
Tull 5 months ago
like cheap lawn chairs on the Sarah Huckabee Sanders backyard patio...
Akijas 5 months ago
How do you come to that conclusion? Can you expound on that?
Mezitaxe 5 months ago
Yep. The love shown by this god of yours is far and away from what we humans know as love.
Neshakar 5 months ago
Didn't know you had met my ex.
Meztishura 5 months ago
go for it. based on your failure to understand simple concepts and stay in the lane of a discussion, blocked.
Brale 4 months ago
I agree, sxcd. Thank you for your thoughts ???????
Kakora 4 months ago
Thank you for your answer.
Mikazilkree 4 months ago
I'd say that it's a range of reasons. Anywhere between being angry about having been lied to your whole life, being adversely affected by religious intolerance and social influence to just seeing such ridiculous beliefs as an easy target. Some of the meaner people seem to find it a great boost to their ego and sense of morality and intellect to tear
Zololar 4 months ago
LOL, and you call me a SJW.
Shakami 4 months ago
they were calling me one
Tojarn 4 months ago
What opponent? The co-opted DNC does not have a candidate, does not have a clue on how to create a viable candidate. They are not working on it, have no plans to start working on it. Hypotheticals about 'what to do if' are just a diversion from the DNC incompetence, which serves both sides.
Mikazil 4 months ago
Then WHY would he set it up like that in the first place? Why could he not give us free will, but without the ability to sin? He sucks at what he does.
Golkree 4 months ago
That is an interesting question. At one time, I would have said, unequivocally, yes, but now, I am not so certain. At this point in time, I am not at all certain of what it would take to change my mind. The arguments in favor of gods are so uniformly bad, that right now, I can't envision one which would make me change my mind. I would like to think that convincing evidence would do that, but it would have to be pretty convincing.
Faubar 4 months ago
Why would an anti American confront someone over anti Americanism?
Najar 3 months ago
I totally agree. If your significant other has to look at every attractive person when you're in their presence, that's a red flag imo. It shows that they are really not all that invested in the relationship.
Kazijar 3 months ago
Good thing you will never get what you want. Without borders there would be no country.
Akibei 3 months ago
The largest denomination of Christians disagrees with you.
Gardazil 3 months ago
Correct but both lead you down a path with no natural explanation.
Gojas 3 months ago
No, he' not. Just radical Islamic terrorists.
Tygolkree 3 months ago
Most places where I have lived the most dangerous and crime ridden neighborhoods are black. Even now I live in VA I as a white person would never go into a black neighborhood. It isn't racial it is a fact.
Vizuru 3 months ago
In Hinduism the other gods, Shiva, Brahma, Ganesh, etc are called "expansions" of the One God, Vishnu. The Buddhist Deities aren't considered real but are symbolic. I'm unaware of Confucianism having gods and certainly not Taoism. You don't know what you're talking about do you Mr. Big Mouth?
Kakinos 2 months ago
Bart Ehrman discusses the general world view of Jewish apocalyptics in his book "Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium". Dale Allison's, "Jesus of Nazareth: Millenarian Prophet" also may be helpful. Most of the books I've read generally focus on Jesus in the context of Jewish apocalyticism rather than Jewish apocalypticism itself.
Dougore 2 months ago
I'm not a young earther. I'm an age agnostic earther.
Dusar 2 months ago
That final part is what is called the "no true Scotsman..." fallacy.
Mezigore 2 months ago
Can you demonstrate any "lawlessness" in liberals? Are you suggesting that liberals like illegal immigration and undocumented visitors?
Grogar 2 months ago
Not very easy to let go or forget...
Kajile 2 months ago
There is a simple solution.
Negar 1 month ago
You're on a date, you're both thirsty, and the soda machine has only one cold Diet Coke left. What do you do and who gets it?
Nikoran 1 month ago
Lol! As usual corrupt Trump demonstrates his utter ignorance. I?d bet he actually believes that Canadians burned down the WH. Trump demonstrates his ignorance daily. Even worse, he doesn?t care to know the truth. Truth doesn?t matter to people who think they are above the law.
JoJokasa 1 month ago
It seems, Rebel Rose, that you are receiving, for the most part, all the affirmation you want here.
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