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"Not sure about 3. Bring me evidence."

It didn't have much of a taste outside of a very slight saltiness, and after another shot, the rest of it sort of dribbled onto my tongue.

romba valikkuthu. He spread his spit all over his boyfriend's nipples. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" He said louder and louder.

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Or if she willing became my slave she could keep every thing, it wasn't as naturl she had a boyfriend so she wouldn't be cheating, all that would change is that she would be at my beck call to do anything I wanted her to do. Krissy's attention was pulled from Donna when a stereo of orgasmic squeals ignited on either side.

Shove your thing all the way in. Dad entered my room and asked kindly if I was feeling ok. C?" "you know what.

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Kataur 7 months ago
"So, if one believes Stalin et al are atheists committing atheistic crimes you MUST also believe christians are responsible for the holocaust. After all, most nazis were christian."
Tojajin 7 months ago
My position is humans do good things and bad things. SOme do more good things, others do more bad things
Moogunos 7 months ago
i tried, and ended up jumping to the conclusion
Vudojin 6 months ago
kind of an unfortunate wolverine reversal idea there.
Mukinos 6 months ago
Howa about the lack of diversity?
Negami 6 months ago
You could suck more cocks at the truck stop
Kigazahn 6 months ago
but also the loss of tax revenue, loss of productivity, the economic impact on local communities.
Mocage 5 months ago
Noted. Next order of business.
Dulrajas 5 months ago
Spare us the philosophy!
Mazuzilkree 5 months ago
Suppose Jesus had gone down into the ground as in "ashes to ashes, dust to dust". Imagine how topsy turvy things would be what with hell and heaven supposedly being in opposite geographical locations. Therefore I agree with you.
Dular 5 months ago
Inflation is a product of the Big Bang, not a predecessor
Arashitaur 4 months ago
Are you one of those people that think we should have gun turrets on the border wall and shoot any man, woman or child trying to cross illegally?
Vugul 4 months ago
Robbie was content to leave the heavy lifting to others while he got cats out of trees.
Dogore 4 months ago
Depends on where you live. Some countries like to keep religious and secular marriage separate, some require the observance of some secular rules and some wont give licences to someone who doesn't conform with all what can be expected from a marriage registrar, thus forcing churches to perform gay marriages if they want to retain their ability to hand out marriage certificates.
Zulum 4 months ago
Atheist don't scream. They discuss. You just don't like their point of view.
Kazirg 3 months ago
Exactly, you have dragged your religion down so low to the gutter, that you have to decide whether you are pro or anti. It's sad really.
Maukazahn 3 months ago
Thread idea. Just gotta do this thing called "work" first.
Gosho 3 months ago
Sure, I'll be glad to shut up... the second you make me. Until then, I'll just be over here, smarter than you, putting down better, more original posts than you, and listening to you fart out variations on "weak-minded fuck" over and over like the boring, predictable simpleton you are. By the way, kid, when I give you a free English lesson, you listen. "Weak-minded" is hyphenated. That's a dash for you junior high dropouts. That knowledge could get you promoted from fries to drive-thru someday, so learn it!
Fegul 3 months ago
What about our DRUGGIE,,PM,,pot stores on every corner,,,lol
Mujin 2 months ago
Are you black? All kinds of people get sodomized in prison.
Maramar 2 months ago
Warriors are 3-1 against the cavs?
Kagal 2 months ago
Hate has to be taught, carefully and repeatedly taught or else the child might become a proper, civilized American.
Nilrajas 2 months ago
Please stop being a bigot.
Yoramar 2 months ago
Which argument? From who? When? Where?
Zulushakar 2 months ago
By the time Trump is done the G7 will be the G6, and the US will be bankrupt and have no allies.
Nerr 1 month ago
There is one.
Vubar 1 month ago
Karma meet Milo. Milo meet Karma.
Gurg 1 month ago
By all means.
Gozilkree 1 month ago
So, empirically, where is it happening?
Arashijora 1 month ago
you know you're getting old when you walk into a bar that has only the bartender in it and you say, " man, i love this place already!"

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