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"T90R - One thing you can bet is the fact that I am not scared of one woman - nor am I scared of anyone. I am fearful of the slow creep of political systems which are detrimental to individual freedoms; systems which have proven to be nothing but ultimate failures."

Ten. It wasn't the fact it was her father it was the fact that she had wanted her father for the longest.

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It could mean a little street cred around the plant, something I was much in need of. " he commanded. yen naamum muniyan koota poi avarkal veettil paduththu kolla koodaadhu. She said as she left that she suspected that the girls and my sister Sue and even some of the hospital nurses had also erottic giving the same treatment.

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Buy things erotic
Buy things erotic

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Taurr 10 months ago
In some of the books of the NT Apocrypha, Jesus transformed himself into the angel Gabriel & impregnated Mary w/ himself.
Voodoogis 10 months ago
No one said we should have open borders. They said maybe we shouldn't take people's babies away from them and have no plan to ever return the kids.
Kazihn 9 months ago
No, I don't. And "forgiveness" requires some kind of crime being committed - so which one is it?
Fauktilar 9 months ago
Damn....I missed that memo. I should really work on that. Who wants to be first?! I got a lot of time to make up!!
Samur 9 months ago
48.....California and Oregon have nothing in common with the rest of America.
Mezitaur 9 months ago
Finding out about incel should be a valid reason for a mental health day in the middle of the week. (Wish I had a boss that allowed those lol)
Voodoojinn 9 months ago
This is allowed, and my discussions aren't?
Tezuru 8 months ago
I can handle the truth just fine. It does not mean it isn't harassment of vulnerable women. I know that you and your kind are comfortable with that, but I do not for a minute think that the majority of Conservatives subscribe to the brand of Far Right hateful conservatism that you do.
Maushura 8 months ago
Stalking from the comfort of home.
Nikolar 8 months ago
Some details are just so difficult for an 'educated' populace to grasp.
Toshicage 8 months ago
So What??? She's Horrible... This is the Age of TRUMP and Trumpisms.... Anyone can say any Filthy thing they want (As long as they are Conservative I guess) Civility has LONG sense been out the window.... Get over it
Kagazuru 8 months ago
Compared to all other presidents who didn't start their administration during the great recession.
Jushura 8 months ago
The "how many years" argument has come up in some nearby retirement communities. I think the answer is "all of them" if you expect your nursing home attendant to be able to read your pill bottles.
Yojinn 8 months ago
"They refuse to tolerate other povs and demand acceptance. "
Tojazragore 8 months ago
Of course I can. And please, hurling the ignorance paint at me merely stains with all projections, it's about you, not me.
Kajiran 7 months ago
Why? None of the RWNJ deplorables are upholding it now.
Kecage 7 months ago
Don?t forget, per Einstein: ?Imagination is more important than knowledge.?
Kazicage 7 months ago
You will be the same person whether you consider yourself a Christian or not. It is your actions not your "beliefs" that matter.
Guzuru 7 months ago
Tambor, Bateman, David Cross, and Tony Hale.
Gugis 7 months ago
if you'd rather have them dealing crack than doing time, enjoy their company.
Vigami 6 months ago
I dismiss a point that holds no weight. Why should I consider a side that has no basis in fact? It's speculation versus fact.
Goltirr 6 months ago
No, simply being a felon isn't justification to shoot the fleeing felon. That isn't what I'm arguing. They were pretty clear there has to be circumstances that give the officer good reason to believe the fleeing felon is a threat to society. I suggest you go back and read the link I provided you along with the quote I provided you. Not sure why you are ignoring that.
Akinonos 6 months ago
So we have a few different things at play here. The lesbian teacher at a catholic school, she shouldn't have been surprised. The Code of conduct there is not a secret. It's a religious institution. If she is properly qualified to be a teacher, she should be able to find employment elsewhere where being gay is not a concern. I would even say that she probably should have resigned and found a different teaching gig prior to her wedding. LIke I said, the code of conduct was there and not a secret. What she did in her own bedroom is one thing, but getting married in a public fashion pushes that part of her life out into the open, and she knew that.
Tojasho 6 months ago
Lol none of them are atheist
Goltilabar 5 months ago
You sound disappointed. Perhaps you have dreams of shucking it all and living the high life and are hoping to live vicariously through a hedonistic atheist. ;)
Gogami 5 months ago
Maybe for you, you can not say for me.
Jujind 5 months ago
Because it is a work of fiction, nothing really makes me uncomfortable besides the point that there are many folks who fail to understand it is just a collection of myths and use their misunderstanding as reason to act in ways which harm humanity.
Daikinos 5 months ago
They are the same GENUS but different SPECIES.
Fautaur 5 months ago
Here are the results so far: Looks like a majority.
Mazubar 5 months ago
He is too stupid to think about it.
Zulkimi 4 months ago
Is the Bible the ordained holy scripture of the same god you believe in?
Kazram 4 months ago
Going after women is original?
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